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The Dichotomy of the Ages

Kenneth Edward Keyn
28 January 1985
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"I am a musician. Music is my profession, my heart, my soul, my spirit, and my life. Nothing else will ever satisfy me."

-Kenneth Edward Keyn

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I am a musician. Primarily, I am a composer, but it's more than that. When I say that I am a musician, I mean that music saturates my life. I am rarely far from music and, if I ever am, I am creating more. It is the only language that comes anywhere close to expressing the soul. Only silence is more profound. It is my intent to make my life a pursuit of music.

I hold a Bachelor's of Arts in Music Theory and Composition from Warner Pacific College. The degree itself is not as important as the training I received and what I learned along the way to obtaining it. It reminds me that my education is never finished. I will always be in the process of learning regardless of institution or instructor. My life is the institution and my life the instructor. All are my teachers and everywhere my classroom.

I seek out balance as best I can. I find most often that balance is achieved, not by sitting squarely in the middle, but by spanning the entire spectrum. I prefer not to see one side of a coin over another, but rather look at the coin itself as a whole. I am accustomed to exploring the tensions of our paradoxical reality. I believe in complex simplicity. I believe that we cannot escape a world that is bound by our relativity and that in it there is still absolute truth. There can only be black and white, yet gray is there where they meet and overlap.

I believe in a loving Creator who gave His creation the capacity to deny Him. I have made my choice. If neither heaven nor hell existed, I would still choose to follow God. I have faith in a salvation that is not dependent on my own actions, yet which is ultimately manifested by them. I am not concerned with the specific contents of my beliefs, but the faith in my God. I feel that unquestioned beliefs hinder my capacity to grow in faith. I choose to ask the hard questions of my beliefs, so that I may find faith among the uncertainties.

Arts and Communication Magnet Academy "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."


Warner Pacific College
Arts and Communication
Magnet Academy

"The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge."

-Elbert Hubbard

"He removes the greatest orniment of friendship, he who takes away from it respect."


Warner Pacific


On another note, I swear I do have a sense of humor. It's often difficult to accurately depict it on the internet, which is why I've avoided using any of it in my profile. My humor tends to be in the facetious/dead-pan/ironic banter type of area. Think Monty Python (minus some of the more physical stuff), Eddie Izzard (minus the cross-dressing), and perhaps Hugh Grant (minus the millions of dollars, movie deals, and getting caught with a prostitute). Terry Pratchett is a good place to look. It comes across better in person... usually.

“Life is like a field full of puddles that no one can avoid: One can either stand still or stride proudly, getting completely drenched.”

-Kenneth Edward Keyn

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