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Gee, I Wonder How Many of These Won't Be Checked Off... - Abadoss' Mind
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Sat, Mar. 20th, 2004 03:04 pm
Gee, I Wonder How Many of These Won't Be Checked Off...

(x) never have been drunk
(x) never smoked pot
(x) never did acid
(x) never kissed a member of the opposite sex
(x) never kissed a member of the same sex
(x) never crashed a friend's car
(_) never been to japan
(_) never rode in a taxi
(/) never have been in love
(x) never been dumped
(_) never shoplifted
(x) never have been fired
(x) never been in a fist fight
(x) never had a threesome
(x) never snuck out of my parents house
(x) never pissed on myself
(x) never been arrested
(x) never made out with a stranger
(x) never stole something from my job
(x) never celebrated new year's in times square
(x) never went on a blind date
(_) never lied to a friend
(x) never had a crush on a teacher
(x) never celebrated mardi gras in new orleans
(_) never been to europe
(_) never skipped school
(x) never slept with a co-worker
(x) never cut myself on purpose
(x) never had sex at work
(x) never been married
(x) never been divorced
(x) never been photographed nude (and the world will be thankful I checked this)
(x) never got someone drunk just to have sex with them
(x) never had sex with more than one person in a week
(x) never made out with more than one person in a night
(x) never had sex with more than one person in 24 hours
(x) never had sex with someone whose name i did not know
(_) never rode a train
(_) never been on a plane
(x) never have thrown up in a bar
(x) never paid for sex
(x) never danced in front of people in my underwear and suspenders
(x) never use all capitals if I can help it.
(x) never flashed my tits/bits at a party.
(x) never willingly harmed an animal
(x) never tried to steal a friend's girlfriend/boyfriend.
(x) never killed anyone.
(/) never thought of killing anyone
(_) never played videogames so much that I suffered the infamous "Sega Thumb".
(_) never suffer in silence,

Current Mood: sick sick
Current Music: "Pirates of Dragon Roost Isle" -Unknown