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Olympia and the Buildings Through the Trees - Abadoss' Mind
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Sun, Jan. 18th, 2004 12:28 pm
Olympia and the Buildings Through the Trees

Last night, I tagged along with saffroncisco on a road trip up to Evergreen State University in Olympia. If you want a couple better accounts, as mine might be slighty boring (especially compared to spiraldog's), then you can try here or here.

To start things off, saffroncisco came to my house and picked me up. We then high tailed it over to Willow Creek TC to pick up anyone that would've wanted to go. However, we made such good time, that we stopped in at Wherehouse Records and browsed around the soundtracks and used CDs sections. In the used CDs, I found an Iona CD called Beyond These Shores! It's one of their first three albums! With it, I am only two CDs from owning all their albums!

Anyway, we continued on to Willow Creek TC, only to find that no one was there. So, in disappointment, we made our way to I-5 and the road to Olympia. On the way, saffroncisco was convinced that everyone looked like Dave Lee. Most of the way up we listened to CDs and had fun just talking.

In Olympia, we found the Evergreen State University campus, which when we found it, was nothing more than trees with a fancy road running trough it and signs all over the place. We looked at the directions spiraldog gave us to get to her dorms and promptly got lost for a while. That's not particularily a bad thing, since the scenery was especially pleasant. We finally found sprialdog's dorms and met up with her. It was there that saffroncisco and I dubbed the campus Rivendell.

sprialdog gave us a tour of her dormroom and the campus, which is like a mini-city within the forest. It's amazing. Following there after, we proceeded to go into downtown Olympia. Very cool city. It has a lot of neat buildings, one of which was later dubbed the Mystery Building. We stopped off at BayView and bought some snacks, which included a bar of really rich raspberry syrup filled chocolate. We then wandered around on the docks, on which I wanted to toss a rock or something into the water, but what I picked up wasn't solid enough to be a rock. I immediately tossed it in and wiped off my hands.

After that, we wandered over to some park that had a stagnate lake in it. I noticed a couple white things that looks somewhat like anchovies, but I couldn't make them out, so saffroncisco held up her cell phone, upon which was promptly dubbed the Light of Earendil. Feeling that we had wasted the comedic value of the lake, we wandered around downtown looking for a place to eat. On the way, I saw a restaurant called Hannah's. I found amusement in that.

We made it into a pizzaria and ordered half artichoke, of which I avoided, and half mushroom and olive. The place was full of posters of old movies. Some of them were in German and others were just weird. There was also an old skool arcade there that had asteroids and a racing game that I'd expect to see on Atari, as well as some pinball machines.

After being full, we left and proceeded to try and return to the car before it would be towed off. We made a pass around the Office of the Superintendant of Instruction, which basically looked like a huge mansion, so it was dubbed the Mystery Building. I tried to lead the way back to the car, but I started going the wrong direction, and since we were parked by the water, it was noticable by the fact that we were going uphill.

Finally made it back to car, where we decided to go up to Seattle. We drove all the way up there, listening to more music. Then after driving past it, we turned around and went back to Olympia. As we were going back, we started playing acronyms with license plates. Some of mine were ones that I had to cringe when I said them. We started running out of license plates, so saffroncisco would slow down so people would pass us and we could see their plates.

Got back to Evergreen State University, dropped off sprialdog and made our way home. The ride home was long, but shorter than either I, nor saffroncisco, expected. Much music was played. Got back into Portland, got lost again around the bridges, but made it back to Warner. I paid gas money to saffroncisco, said good bye, and went up to my room.

I was expecting to go to sleep, but when I got there, there was a dead squirrel hanging from the smoke detector in caucaision Nate's room. Appearently, this wasn't the first time the squirrel had been used. A couple of the guys had found it lying in the road up on Mt. Tabor, so they took it and placed in a toilet, it with it's paws on the seat, in Upper C's (one of the girls' halls, for reference) bathroom. It then ended up in a shower stall in Upper Warman, then somehow made it's way down to Nate's room.

He then took it down, tied it to Ashley's snowboard, and handed the snowboard to her. Brent, asian Nate, my roommate Jeremy, and I watched from one of the windows as she suspected something and looked around on the board to see what was wrong. The moment she saw the squirrel, she dropped the board and ran inside. It was rather funny to watch. The squirrel was then left in the stairwell that goes up to Upper C and B.

Feeling that I had enough fun for the night, I turned in and managed to get to sleep in a relatively short amount of time. I'd say it took me only an hour and a half or so...

Current Mood: groggy groggy
Current Music: "Treasure" -Iona