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Pass It On - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Jan. 2nd, 2004 02:27 am
Pass It On

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, change to reflect you.
(I got this from hippie_style)

01. I am an online journal junkie.
02. I check my LJ several times a day, hoping to see new comments.
03. I hate it when someone leans on the back of my chair while I'm sitting in it.
04. I hate politics but am offended by people who don't exercise their right to vote.
05. My biggest pet peeve is when someone misinterprets my intentions for less honorable ones, especially in regards to my treatment of women.
06. I feel old fashioned, but I know I'm too modern to survive an old fashioned lifestyle.
07. I have the knowledge to defend myself, but I hardly want to find out if I can.
08. I also hate people who TypE LyKe D1s.
09. I have a short temper when it comes to specific things, but I try to counter balance it by turning off my emotions to think clearly.
10. Sometimes I feel that I remain sane by will power alone.
11. I can't remember a time, since eighth grade, when I've not been emotionally attached to one girl or another.
12. When I think of my past, I can easily recall all the mistakes that I've made, but find it difficult to find the highlights.
13. I have no other online journal besides LJ.
14. I check my e-mail several times a day, hoping to get a message from someone I know.
15. I often wish I got normal mail from people other than advertisers and people I have business with.
16. I fear my emotions and their blinding effect on my rationality.
17. I often wonder what I "normal" life would be like.
18. I am frustrated when those around me lack maturity, but I can't find a reason to want to wish that anyone have to go through what it often takes to gain that maturity.
19. I love making people laugh and smile.
20. There are times when I wish I could sit with a group of friends and no one would feel like there needed to be any talking.
21. I have lofty goals for my life, but I find that some goals that I greatly value have a difficult time fitting in with each other.
22. I never want to have to worry about how to pay my bills.
23. I love the sound of rain.
24. I love the smell of a fireplace coming from a chimney when it's cold and misty.
25. I used to wish I was strong enough to never feel lonely.
26. Deep down I know that's not the issue.
27. There are times when I feel like my soul and my spirit can't settle into my body.
28. I have a difficult time seeing friendships with other men as valuable.
29. And I tend to see friendships with women as more valuable than I should.
30. But, I have so much difficulty making friendships with women because I always feel like they think that I want more than friendship.
31. I hate having a full sized empty bed to myself.
32. I actually enjoy and somewhat need physical contact with friends (i.e. hugging, putting arms around shoulders, etc.), but I've experienced so little that I am taken by surprise when it actually happens and others mistake me for "not to be touched".
33. But, I am a little less open to contact with other men.
34. I believe in a Christian God but I’m picky about how I worship.
35. I've had to completely reconstruct my view of Christianity after being burnt out by ten years of ministry.
36. I hope to be married one day, but I am concerned that either my future wife or I would have to sacrifice life goals to ensure a healthy marriage.
37. I have no concept of the passing of time, so I compensate by being obsessed with it.
38. Which makes every day feel like it is of the utmost urgency to complete the prerequists for my future goals.
39. I'm a little asian, but not biologically.
40. I used to be a compulsive liar and a kleptomaniac, so I've become extremely aware of my conscience, which is now a driving force in my life.
41. I really want to hit something, but every time I think of something that I would want to hit, I think of all the consequences that would arrise from hitting it, even the miniscule ones.
42. I have an extremely difficult time expressing myself when I talk, but I can express myself freely when I write or type.
43. I sometimes feel I don't fit in with anyone.
44. I credit most of my minor errors to dyslexia, which is usually accurate.
45. I don't spend money wisely, but I don't usually spend it poorly.
46. I like music.
47. I have claimed to be empathic before, though I regret doing so.
48. I believe that I have a great capacity for compassion, but I'm afraid of being taken for granted.
49. If I could, I would buy everyone I know something that had some form of meaning behind it.
50. I am a highly sentimental person.
51. I am highly uncomfortable with my weight.
52. I get annoyed when I use the same adjective to describe multiple ideas.
53. I don't usually have dreams.
54. Instead I have day dreams that I can control as I'm trying to go to sleep.
55. When I try to go to sleep, my senses become hypersensitive to everything around me.
56. It takes me an average of two to three hours to fall asleep.
57. I believe I have the potential to be a good leader, but I find a second-in-command position more comfortable.
58. I consider myself a complex person, but my complexity is only made up of several layers of simplicity.
59. I hate explaining things, but I often feel that I cannot communicate anything unless I explain the background behind it.
60. I feel that my life has a very grand purpose, but I do not know what it is.
61. I don't care who knows what about me, but I just can't be the one to tell them.
62. I unprotected all my journal entries because I was tired of trying to get people to catch on to my hinting about my feelings.
63. (edited) My life right now makes it difficult to remember what it feels like to be happy.
64. I have difficulty watching romantic films because I don't want to deal with the emotions.
65. In most cases, I usually can't remember anything from my childhood unless it's related to something that I am currently thinking or talking about.
66. I find it hard to judge my personal progress these days.
67. I find it hard to judge anything about myself these days.
68. I find personal change unsettling.
69. I hate it when people hate me.
70. I wish I knew when people hate me.
71. I love my friends.
72. I wish I knew when they love me.
73. I hate asking for things.
74. I hate needing to ask for things.
75. I hate that every time I ask for friendship, it makes that friendship stagnate, but when I don't ask for it, it feels empty.
76. I try to be honest, but I don't usually say anything at all unless asked.
77. I gain my energy from being alone, but I feel drained without social interaction.
78. I should stop my what-if questions.
79. If we are in a car and I stop talking, it’s because I’m continuing the conversation alone.
80. I consider myself weird, but my friends keep telling me I'm one of the most normal people they know.
81. I have a code of honor, but it's so situation specific that I can't write it down.
82. I tend to be a little melodramatic about my inner personality, but usually with merit.
83. I love being up at odd hours of the night.
84. I would love to travel the world.
85. I am odd. Sometimes.
86. I am always seeking resolution to the conflicts in my life.
87. It frustrates me to no end when people who are complete jerks end up with all the friends, while I try to be respectful to people and end up feeling left out.
88. I am loyal to a fault.
89. But I have to believe in what I'm loyal to.
90. I don't really know how to control my emotions.
91. Which is one reason I sought to completely control my emotions in the past.
92. I failed at controlling my emotions, but I learned too well how to bury them.
93. I don't like fitting into a stereotype.
94. I need money.
95. It's really easy for me to boast, but I always feel like an idiot afterword.
96. I would cuddle all day if it was possible.
97. I like being lazy.
98. I can grasp paradoxal concepts easily by thinking of them as in motion.
99. I am really ticklish around my waist and have very violent reactions (i.e. unintentionally breaking the collar bone of the person who tickled me).
100. While this was only meant to be 100 facts about me, I probably gave 200.

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