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The Setting Sun - Abadoss' Mind
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Sun, Dec. 21st, 2003 04:48 pm
The Setting Sun

It's only about 4:30 PM and it's already dark. It's really amazing. Down in California, December 21 only meant that the sun would set around 7 or sometimes 6 o'clock at night, but up here... it's just amazing.

Longest night of the year, eh? Yeah, I would say so. Though, it's not like Alaska or Norway, where they have night for six months. Now that's a long night...

Tonight, I'm going to Alby's Christmas movie night. It should be interesting. There'll be a few other alumni there, so that's cool. Though, I hope there won't be any fog. The road up there is one that fog would make... irritating.

On a seperate side note, today is also my father's birthday. Not exactly fond memories. I suppose I've just gotten used to ignoring it, but it always comes up at some point or another. I kinda wish he didn't have a birthday, or that I didn't know it, so I wouldn't have to think about him, but unfortunately, that's not a possibility.

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Current Music: "In the Hall of the Mountain King" -Edvard Grieg


Sun, Dec. 21st, 2003 03:02 pm (UTC)

It starts getting dark around 3 here. I remember walking out of school at 4:30pm last year at around this time and it being as dark as midnight...

Yay for the Winter Solstice!

Mon, Dec. 22nd, 2003 07:33 am (UTC)

I was going to go but I felt really really sick and didn't want to get anyone else ill.

Kenneth Edward Keyn
Mon, Dec. 22nd, 2003 10:01 am (UTC)

That's too bad. It was a lot of fun. There's always next year, though.

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