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This Is Strike Three... Am I Out??? - Abadoss' Mind
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Mon, Oct. 20th, 2003 09:56 pm
This Is Strike Three... Am I Out???

Well, I essentially asked Karly to the Banquet, but it looks like she's doing something else. Luckily for me, it came up in conversation that a group of us were having, so it wasn't too awkward... anyway, that's the third time...

I'm going to see if there are any more options, but I'm getting a bit depressed about it. I'm not finding girls that I can be comfortable going with, who don't already have dates or other plans. It's just irritating me a bit.

Speaking of depression, I started taking counciling today. I figured that I've gone through enough in my life that it wouldn't hurt to try, plus since it's free, it's pretty much at no risk to myself.

It was a little difficult the first time because I felt like I was trying to summorize all the history of my problems. Those of you who have been reading my journal for some time know that's not easy. I'm hoping that once I've established a basis for which my councilor can understand my past and how I've developed, that we can start looking at how we can work on my issues.

I basically went over my "no-dating" policy and the complications with that, my frustration with not finding a Banquet date, and my emotional firewall. I'm hoping that I can get to my frustration in people not seeking me out and Leeceil in the next session, but that's not until next Monday... seems too far away... oh, well.

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