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saffroncisco's Visit! - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Sep. 12th, 2003 11:01 am
saffroncisco's Visit!

I tried writing this last night, but my internet went poo...

Anyway, saffroncisco came over yesterday. We had dinner, toured my workplace, dorm, and the student union. We played pool and ping pong for a long time down in the student union. After all that, we came back to my dorm room and listened to OverClocked Remix songs until she had to leave. It was a lot of fun.

Seriously, if anyone wants to come hang out, just let me know and we'll work out a day and time when it would work! It's always awesome to have friends over.

After saffroncisco left, I played some Halo with the other dorm guys. Eight-on-eight battles kick serious butt!

Today, I had my first voice lesson (not ever, just with Irene Weldon). I think it went pretty well. I got to sing "Vittoria, Mio Core" for her. Yeah, so now I've got a half hour before lunch, then Chorale. After Chorale, I go to work. Directly after work, my mom is going to drive me to ACMA to have a chat with Paula.

I think after that, I'll be hanging out with saffroncisco and huskerduh at Wunderland, since I'm spending at least tonight at home. Yay!

Current Mood: chipper chipper
Current Music: "5th Symphony" -Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart


Angelic Aldeian
Fri, Sep. 12th, 2003 01:05 pm (UTC)

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