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Name Four Things That You Wished You Had: - A sword with a long… - Abadoss' Mind
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Mon, Jul. 21st, 2003 06:46 pm

Name Four Things That You Wished You Had:
- A sword with a long double-edged blade
- A job
- A car and a license
- A really REALLY nice and fast and BIG computer

Name Two People You Know Best:
- Erik (last name removed for courtesy)
- Troy Keyn

Name Four Things You Are Thinking About:
- Personal commitments (ideology)
- Planning visit glindafoz in the hospital tomorrow
- The Future
- The Past

Name Four Things You Did Today:
- Called glindafoz's cell phone, thinking she was in the hospital already, expecting her mother to pick up, and asking glindafoz if glindafoz was there
- Made a pitcher of juice
- Got the mail
- Woke up

Name Five Bands/Groups You Like:
- Iona
- Rebecca St. James
- Plumb
- Engima
- Josh Groban

Current Clothes: Jeans and a shirt that only someone fourty years older than I would wear... It's kinda tropical...
Current Jewelry: My fish ring and my bear necklace
Current Mood: Bored
Current Music: Star Salzman - Final Fantasy 7 Cid Sends a Dream to the Undersea Palace OC ReMix
Current Taste: Guava Nectar Juice
Current Hair: My usual not descript poofage
Current Annoyance: Humidity
Current Smell: The before mentioned Guava Nectar
Current thing I ought to be doing: Getting a job, writing music, reading a book, re-designing my website... I don't know...
Current Desktop Picture: Sim City 4
Current Artist: Um... me? I don't know...
Current Favorite Group: Favorite group of what? If it's music group, then Iona...
Current Book: The Silmarillion
Current Movie in VCR/DVD: ...
Current Refreshment: The twice previously mentioned Guava Nectar
Current Worry: See thoughts...
Current Crush: Ashley (last name removed for courtesy)
Current Favorite Celebrity: None, really...

- hair: Dark blonde
- height: 5'11"
- favorite feature: Beard

- clothing: Semi-Casual
- music: Classical, Jazz, Celtic, and Rock
- makeup: None
- body art: None
- shoes: Normally, semi-dress shoes


- did: Visited Loo... wished John well...
- read: "Voyager: The Farther Shore"
- watched on tv: ABC Nightly News


- club or house party: House (but no alcohol)
- tea or coffee: Tea
- high achiever or easy-going: Both
- cats or dogs: Cats
- pen or pencil: Pen
- gloves or mittens: Gloves
- cassette or cd: CDs
- snuff or cigarettes: Neither
- coke or pepsi: Dr. Pepper
- matches or a lighter: Lighter, but it'd only be good for lighting candles and such
- sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: Neither


- kill: No one...
- hear from: Karen (last name removed for courtesy)
- look like: Myself
- be like: Myself


- food: Poached salmon
- color: Dark green
- shoes: Semi-dress
- site: OverClocked Remix
- song: Claude Debussy's "Claire De Lune"
- vegetable: Potato
- fruit: Plum

- last movie you saw: Chicago
- last movie you saw on the big screen: Chicago
- last thing you had to drink: The thrice previously mentioned Guava Nectar
- last thing you ate: Cheerios with banana slices
- last time you cried: I don't remember... it's not often I do so...
- last time you smiled: Er... I don't know... probably within the last several minutes or so...
- last time you laughed: See above...
- last time you danced: Prom
- last person you hugged: Hmm... I don't remember...
- last thing you said: "Hmm..."
- last person you talked to online: Probably glindafoz...
- last thing you smelled: The imfamous Guava Nectar

DO YOU...?

- smoke: No
- do drugs: Nope
- sleep with a stuffie: No
- have a dream that keeps coming back: Not really... not unless I want it to...
- believe there is life on other planets: Not sure...
- read the newspaper: Nope... allergic to the ink...
- have any gay or lesbian friend: Yeah...
- believe in miracles: I wouldn't be alive if I didn't...
- believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: If one chooses to do so, then yes...
- consider yourself tolerant of others: Yeah...
- consider police a friend or foe: Neither, really...
- like the taste of alcohol: Never bothered to find out...
- have a favorite Stooge: Not really...
- believe in astrology: No
- believe in magic: No
- pray: Yeah
- go to church: I do, but I've been taking a bit of a break
- have any secrets: Plenty
- have any pets: Two... Jazz and Joe
- go to or plan to go to college: Warner Pacific College this fall...
- have a degree: Not yet
- wear hats: Rarely
- have any piercings: No
- have any tattoos: No
- hate yourself: No
- wish on stars: Nope
- like your handwriting: Not a chance...
- believe in witches: I believe that there are those that consider themselves witches...
- believe in Satan: To a certain extent
- believe in ghosts: No
- trust others easily: My friends, yes... but for others, I'm a little more cautious
- like sarcasm: Depends
- take walks in the rain: When I can
- kiss with your eyes closed: I'd have to kiss before I'd know the answer to that one...
- sing in the shower: Occasionally... I sing everywhere else, so it's not surprising for me to sing in the shower...