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Six Degrees of Seperation - Abadoss' Mind
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Sun, Jul. 20th, 2003 06:38 pm
Six Degrees of Seperation

Kevin Bacon has this little thing that he does, called "Six Degrees of Seperation". Basically, what he does is link himself to anyone (mostly famous people) through filmography or performances. So, I tried it out... I can link myself to Kevin Bacon in four degrees (all through filmography and performances)...

Kenneth Keyn and Thara Memory in "Dance West at the Newmark Theatre 2003"
Thara Memory and James Brown in the "James Brown Orchestra"
James Brown and John Beluchi in "Blue Brothers"
John Beluchi and Kevin Bacon in "Animal House"

Weird, eh?

{edit} There's also another way I can be linked to Kevin Bacon... same number, though...

Kenneth Keyn and Sam A. Mowry in "Khalo's View"
Sam A. Mowry and Andrew Prine in "Without Evidence"
Andrew Prine and Dakota Fanning in "Sweet Home Alabama"
Dakota Fanning and Kevin Bacon in "Trapped"

Just found it interesting...

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