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Pre-Registration and Some Record Breaking... - Abadoss' Mind
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Thu, Jul. 10th, 2003 04:45 pm
Pre-Registration and Some Record Breaking...

Today was the pre-registration for my brother and I at Warner. The first thing that happened was that one of the deans gave a bit of a speech about the community of Warner and such stuff, then we all got split up in to three groups. The first group went for scheduling, the second group went down to the financial aid office and did a whole bunch of things there. And the third group, which Troy and I were a part of, went for some placement testing...

Basically, those of us in this group had SAT or ACT scores that were neither particularily high, nor particularily low. So they sat us in a room and had us write an essay... a true college style essay. The topic was horrendous... on a sheet, we were given instruction and two passages. The first passage was a conversation between the author and an unnamed person. They were talking about how the author (or the other guy, I don't remember) lost his father at Iwa Jima and how war was always bound to happen and such. The second passage was a lot more clear and articulate with it's point. It was divided into two main parts. The first part was how anyone with half a brain would know that the world is full of hopelessness and despair, but that the despair was not a product of the world, but an answer from the people in it. The second half was that the other option available is to not despair and take it like Gulliver did in the land of the giants...

So the topic is to compare the two passages and see what each is saying, what's different about each, and what is the same... needless to say, both of us had major writer's block. I spent the first ten to fiften minutes just trying to figure out what each author was really talking about. After that, I simply put together the idea that both were talking about hope. I based the essay around how the second author believed that there was hope to overcome adversity and the first author did not. I then said that both authors believe that regardless of hope, there will always be pain and suffereing and darkness.

I personally felt that my paper was ill-conceived and poorly executed. However, the head of the writing department was the one to read my paper and, appearently, she was very impressed. According to my advisor when I went to schedule, later on, it was the first time that anyone that went to do that testing has ever been moved UP a class. Instead of taking English Composition 101, I'm now taking Advanced English 200! Normally, they bump people DOWN a class! So, all I have to say is... THANKS ALBY AND DAVID!!!

Yeah, so I'm now registered and I made school history... That's been my day, pretty much...

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