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My Day... uh... Today... - Abadoss' Mind
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Mon, Jul. 7th, 2003 06:11 pm
My Day... uh... Today...

Well, let's see... I woke up at about three o'clock this morning... decided that I wanted to catch up on all the episodes of Real Life Comics that I had missed before I started reading them... twelve hours later, I went over to A&C to talk to Paula about using part of my scholarship to pay the tuition down-payment... and now that I've taken care of that while: totally neglected cleaning my room, again; neglected submitting applications for a job, again; and neglected to take my bottles to the store... again... I'm here typing this journal entry... oh, wait... it's only six o'clock... nah, I'm too lazy...

Current Mood: lazy lazy
Current Music: "Chemical Juice" -Jivemaster