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Nicknames: Kenny Screen Name: Abadoss When is your birthday?:… - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Jun. 27th, 2003 10:59 pm

Nicknames: Kenny
Screen Name: Abadoss
When is your birthday?: January 28, 1985
Eye color: deep blue
Hair color: dark blonde
Natural Hair Color: dark blonde
Who do you love/like: that's a question that is easily prone to interpretation...
Who is your best friend?: Erik (last name removed for courtesy)
Your favorite people? Erik (last name removed for courtesy), rosemilk, glindafoz, and saffroncisco
Outfit: dark olive green slacks and a black dress t-shirt
Hairstyle: short
Jewelry/Accessories: bear necklace and fish ring
Underwear: um... I'm not too comfortable answering that one... they're not white, though...
Nail color: the color of finger nails
> >~DO YOU~
Cut yourself: not on purpose
Lick yourself: I suppose when I get food on my fingers, otherwise a paper towel is a little more efficient
Whine a lot: not a great deal
Yell a lot: no
Hate a lot of people: I can't say that I really hate anyone at this point, there are a few that annoy me to now end, but that's not hatred
Have too many friends: you can never have too many friends, especially good friends
Want to die: there is a purpose in my life that I have yet to fulfill
Have a bf/gf: not in the real sense...
Do drugs: not unless it's perscribed to me
Wear dark colors: mostly
Dye your hair: why would I?
Shave strange places: I don't often shave my beard, why would I shave anywhere else?
Kissed someone: yes
Worn rainbow: not by my own will
Talked on the phone for over 3 hours: not by my own will
Left the country: I was born in Norway...
Had a party with over 30 people: I haven't thrown one with that many, no...
Taken nude pictures: no
Stolen something: a few things back in elementary, but I had a change of heart (or rather I almost got caught and realized how stupid shoplifting is)
Caught something on fire: pompus grass (really dry grass from India)
Cheated on someone: no one to cheat on
Wanted to cheat on someone: no one to cheat on
Asked someone out: no
Been dumped: no one to dump me
Dumped someone: no one to dump
Had a dream, then the next day it happens: probably many times, but I usually don't have dreams when I sleep...
Short/Long Hair: somewhere in between, and well kept
Preppy/Dorky/Druggie: out of the three, dorky is a little better of an option
Freckles: I suppose I wouldn't mind, but not a whole lot of them
Hair Color: as long as it's natural, I'm fine
Hat/No hat: I don't really care... I suppose no hat, though
Fat/Thin: proportionate... (not too big, not too small)
Makeup/No Makeup: a long as it looks natural, makeup's okay
Dressy/Casual: dressy's kinda nice...
Holding hands/Holding 'other body parts': um... hands...
You Touched: my aunt Vicki
You Talked to: my brother Troy
You Hugged: my aunt Vicki
You Kissed: Leslie... I forget her last name... back in fourth grade... (see gf/bf question)
Had sex with: n/a
You Instant messaged: some spammer...
Who broke your heart: Hannah (last name removed for courtesy)
> >~ARE YOU~
Understanding: I believe so
Open-minded: I work on it
Arrogant: I've been told I am, but I'm not really... I'm just self-confident
Insecure: at times, mostly with things that I don't have experience with
Interesting: I try to be
Hungry: no... I just ate a little while ago...
Smart: There are times when I am and times when I'm not, but the times I am outweigh the times I'm not...
Moody: not usually
Childish: not usually
Independent: I am in maturity and responsibility
Hard working: depends
Healthy: maybe not as healthy as I could be, but I've definately improved over the last several years
Emotionally Stable: yes
Shy: with those I don't know, yes
Difficult: only if logic is on my side
Attractive: I've been told I am, but I don't know... I hope I am...
Bored Easily: depends... not usually, though
Thirsty: I've had a lot of iced tea... I'm fine...
Obsessed: maybe... I like using ellipses a lot...
Angry: not usually
Sad: there are a lot of times when I am...
Happy: there are some times when I am...
Trusting: almost to a fault
Ill: not usually
Talkative: depends on the subject and who I'm talking to...
Ignored: occasionally
Reliable: almost always
Self-disciplined: for the most part
Sleepy: a great deal of the time
Lonely: ...
> >*Info about yourself*
1. What is your birth name: Kenneth Edward Keyn
2. What is your birthday? January 28, 1985
3. current age? 18
4. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no
5. How tall are you? 5'11"
6. How much do you weigh? around 170 to 185 lbs.
9. Who is your best friend? Erik (last name removed for courtesy)... I thought we answered this one before...
11. Shoe size? 10 1/2 to 11
12. Brothers/Sisters? Terje (53 or so), John (40's???), Sissel (dead), Jenny (30), Jason (28), and Troy (23)
13. Job? are we talking current or ideal? if we're talking current, then I'm still looking for a job, but for ideal, I want to be a professional musician...
> >* Favorites*
1. What is your favorite bannd? Iona
2. Color? green and black
3. Soda? Dr. Pepper
4. Music? Classical, Jazz, Celtic, Classic Rock, Ambience, Progressive, Electronica, and most things culturally traditional
5. Stores in the mall? Babbages, EBX, OPB Store, and a couple other ones...
6. Ice cream? chocolate chip cookie dough (only once in a while, though...)
7. Roller coaster? I usually don't ride roller coasters
8. Candy? I don't know... I grew up with a major sweet-tooth, but now I don't seem to like a great deal of candy...
9. CD? that's not a fair question... I have way too many good CDs...
10. Cookies? choclate chip
11. Juice? Dongwon (Korean plum juice)
12. Holiday? Christmas
13. Month? I like December and January
> >* In the last 48 Hours*
1. Cried? no
2. Missed Someone?: yeah
3. Yelled at someone?: no
4. Changed your underwear? why do you need to know things about my underwear?
5. Drove somewhere? Oregon City
6. Talked to someone on the phone?: Pat (last name removed for courtesy)
7. Been online?: I have DSL... I'm always online... as long as my computer's on, anyway...
8. Smiled?: I suppose
9. Had sex?: no
10. Kissed someone?: no
11. Hugged Someone?: my Aunt Vicki
12. Last thing you ate?: a Sourdough Jack without the bacon, with curly fries, raspberry iced tea, and an oreo shake
13. Talked to an ugly person? I think you need help...
> >*Have you Ever*
1. Been in love?: I take the definition of love very seriously... I try not to overuse the word... so if we're referring to "liked" or "had a crush on", then yes...
2. Kissed someone of the same sex?: no
3. Been in trouble with the police?: sort of... I got stopped for almost jaywalking... I was wearing my trenchcoat, and my brother spotted the cop car as I was about to cross, so I jumped back out of the street, but that made it more suspicious to the police... I got off on a warning...
5. Hit someone?: not recently... at least not with malintent, recently
6. Broke something?: not in terms of bones
7. Betrayed a friend?: no
8. Played strip poker?: no
9. Skipped school?: back in elementary, I did, but I've not had much reason to skip during high school...
10. Stole something?: refer to the last time you asked...
11. Shot a gun?: an airsoft gun
12. Broke something important?: once again, in terms of bones, no... as far as other stuff... I wouldn't know...
13. Smoked weed?: nope
14. Dyed your hair? no
> >~*Okay Last Questions:*~
1. What is sitting next to you? lots of stuff that's piled on my bed as I'm cleaning my room...
2. Do you get along with your mother? almost always
4. Favorite Sport?: baseball
5. Are you a virgin? yes
6. How many partners have you been with?: none
7. Are you gay/lesbian/bi/straight?: straight
8. Been in a plane?: ... yes...
9. Killed someone?: not directly... I don't know...
10. Stepped in Dog shit?: who hasn't, but not recently...
11. Kicked your cat for the hell of it? no... I actually like cats...
12. Slept during class?: when I was taking antihystimines, I was actually allowed to sleep in class...
13. Cheated on a test?: no need to
14. Are you bored of taking this survey? ...
15. What time is it now? 10:57 pm
16. Are you tired?: yeah, and my shoulder's really sore...


The Childlike Empress
Fri, Jun. 27th, 2003 11:17 pm (UTC)


Kenneth Edward Keyn
Fri, Jun. 27th, 2003 11:30 pm (UTC)

Huh?... OH! Yeah... you are one of my favorite people! This is true...

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