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Bowling... Bowling... Bowling Down the River... - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, May. 9th, 2003 09:10 pm
Bowling... Bowling... Bowling Down the River...

Anyway... today was supposed to be Community Service Day for me, but it turned out that I had to have a dress rehearsal (oddly enough, I'm the only one who dressed up for it... they don't call it a dress rehearsal for nothing). So, I'm confident that the whole Harlem thing is going to go well. However, I still had to rehearse from eight o'clock in the morning to three in the afternoon...

So, after all that, I went bowling! There's a bit of a story behind this one. rosemilk has talked to me about a crush on a guy at our school, so I told her that I would set her up. We talked and (this was a little more of rosemilk's doing than my own) decided to get a group (including this guy) to go bowling. Enter my real responsiblity in all of this: I talk to the guy and his two friends and get them to come (they suspect nothing). We all met at Sunset Lanes at about five o'clock and we had a blast. rosemilk brought two of her friends, so we put the guys against the girls. The guys totally won!

After that, we went over to Baskin Robin's and had ice cream. I love Raspberry... mmm... oh, right... back to the story... er... I guess that's pretty much the end of that. It was a lot of fun. Bowling is so worth it, but my fingers hurt now... ouch...

Current Mood: sore sore
Current Music: "Sophisticated Lady" -ACMA Jazz Orchestra