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Okay... So Tonight Was the ACMA Talent Show... - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Apr. 4th, 2003 08:08 pm
Okay... So Tonight Was the ACMA Talent Show...

Here's a break-down of tonight's ceremonies. I'm going to leave out most of the personal things in this one, simply because I'm tired and I don't want to sit here typing for the rest of the night. I was one of the judges, just to let you know. The ratings were 1 through 5 (5 being awesome)...

First act, Sahara (last name removed for courtesy) and Chanelle (last name removed for courtesy): I didn't really like what they did. They had a sing-a-long song from a cd, then they did some sort of dance. While I can't say that I truly understand that kind of music (rappish r&b), it just didn't appeal to me. The music aside, the performance wasn't really pieced together very well. My score... 2.

Second act, Jill (last name removed for courtesy): She did what she normally does for brown bags and such... sang a fairly popish tune accapella. I'm almost religious when it comes to accapella music and I usually consider music that has been written with accompaniment, needs to have that accompaniment when preformed. Music that is written specifically for accapella is the only music that should be sung accapella in a performance. Technically speaking, she did fine (minor mistakes and a bit flat at times). My score... 3.

Third act, Jaasiel (last name removed for courtesy): She preformed her choreography for "I Feel Like a Motherless Child". As usual, she did wonderfully. I would have liked to see her try to work on making some of the movements a little more fluid, but I liked the piece, nevertheless. My score... 5.

Fourth act, Stevie (last name removed for courtesy): Sang with accompaniment (good for her) and she did fairly well. She was a little nervous, but that happens to the best of us. Anyway, nothing terribly bad or wrong, but not really anything extrodinary. My score... 3.

Fifth act, Chelsea (last name removed for courtesy) and Band (I forgot the name): Well done, bandwise, but there were a lot of things that really stood out (in a bad way). The singer was off key a lot, there were a few mess ups (which were actually covered nicely), and they lacked a lot of stage presence. However, they did make up for it with the rest of the band. My score... 4.

Sixth act, Cory: "The gratuitously long handstand"... They didn't let us judge this one. He got 37 seconds...

Seventh act, an exchange student from Brooklyn (I forgot her name): She did a really good dance off of a Michael Jackson song. She did really well. My score... 5.

Eighth act, Eryn (last name removed for courtesy): She sang... accapella... also, she had a number of technical problems. She would droop the note when she went down, she was taking breaths every second syllable, and she hovered all over the microphone. In addition, she kept forgetting the words to the song in the middle of the piece, then started over. Stage presence was seriously lacking. My score... 3.

Ninth act, Jeff (last name removed for courtesy) and Mitchell (last name removed for courtesy): They were good, but they were basically just jamming on stage. I could tell that this wasn't something that was practiced very much at all. Naturally, they sounded good, anyway, but the competition doesn't ride on talent alone. My score... 4.

Overall the winners were:

1st - Jaasiel (last name removed for courtesy) with a perfect score of 25
2nd - The exchange student from Brooklyn with 24
3rd - Tied between Jill, Chelsea, and Jeff and Mitch... resorted to cheering meter... Jill voted off... Chelsea and group settled for a box of pizza, making Chelsea and Jeff and Mitch happily tied for third...


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The Childlike Empress
Fri, Apr. 4th, 2003 09:47 pm (UTC)

Err.. Many of the movements in motherless child are supposed to be non-fluid. It was done in the style of some famous choreographer she likes, and he had a thing for breaking the flow.

Kenneth Edward Keyn
Sat, Apr. 5th, 2003 09:13 am (UTC)

I still gave her a 5... I suppose it's just personal preference, then...

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