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Iraq... - Abadoss' Mind
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Mon, Mar. 17th, 2003 10:05 pm

Over the past few days, with the build up of impending war with Iraq, I've become fair unnerved... I am 18 and in a liable position to be drafted. I'm hoping that being a full time student makes it easier to get out of it, but still. It's the first time in my life that I am afraid about could happen. Frankly, the first thought in my head is that I don't want ot get drafted because it will disrupt my school. Following right after that is that I either have to choose between taking up arms or morally objecting (which would land me as a medic, engineer, or another type of support unit, which are all walking targets)...

It's scary! My life could possibly be at stake because of the actions of my government... what a world this has become. I've been taught to be an adult all my life, but now that I am legally responsible for myself as a citizen of the United States, I am now faced with the duties of that citizenship. Do I respond out of honor and take up my arms and defend my country or do I flee in terror (though in moral conviction) to avoid war? Were I still in Norway, I would either serve two manditory years in the military or a form of community service, and that would be the entirety of my duties at this point in time... But because I'm an American citizen, I face the threat of being called up, as I am trying to better my life, and go to war.

I am loyal to two entities: My country and my conscience... loyalty is my greatest virtue and now it is split between two opposing forces (equally met). Am I an American, or am I human? Do I follow my allegance or my morals? I have pledged my allegance to this country and its institutions, but I have also pledged myself to the pursuit of moral and spiritual fortitude. Where do I stand? When it was all shades of grey, I could stand wherever I felt I needed to be, but now that it is black and white, yes or no, for or against, I find myself with one foot on each side. The hazy grey is gone.

Is my life worth it for this country? Or is my life worth keeping for morality?

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Current Music: "Incantation" -djpretzel