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A Brief Critical Look at the Critical Views of Art in Today's Art World... - Abadoss' Mind — LiveJournal
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Wed, Jun. 1st, 2011 06:53 am
A Brief Critical Look at the Critical Views of Art in Today's Art World...

There's something that's been bothering me about the art scene as it is in this era. I'm frustrated that the critical approach to art these days is that it's not high art if it doesn't disturb the viewer. This may be over-simplification, but there's definitely a trend toward it. Spend some time on deviantART if you don't believe me. Anyway, I find that mentality to be a major flaw in our progress as artists and as a culture. Yes, art that disturbs is still art and I can understand that the viceral emotional reaction to it can be quite compelling, but art is not just about that. I believe art is to be an engaging medium. I believe art to be a form of visual communication that draws in its audience to whatever emotions or experiences the artist wants to portray. Profound beauty. Serenity and stillness. Hope. Humor. Sadness. Nostalgia. These things are just as much art as the grotesque and the macabre. I call on artists to realize that it is not enough to rely on unsettling the audience to convey emotion. I call on you to engage the audience and to show them the whole spectrum of experience. Not just one corner of it. Please. For all our sakes and for the sake of future art. Thank you.

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