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Stupid Postal Service!!! - Abadoss' Mind
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Thu, Jan. 16th, 2003 08:11 pm
Stupid Postal Service!!!

Okay, so I needed to mail off a package to St. Olaf postmarked on January 15 (yesterday). Well, the only catch is, that I hadn't quite finished everything, so I stayed after classes to write a few essays. I then take that down to Mail Boxes Etc. to have them postmark it. The only catch is that they can only postmark it for tomorrow. So they suggested that I go to main downtown Portland Post Office because it was 5:30 PM and all the other post offices were closed. They told me that it was three blocks (no general direction) from Skidmore Fountain. I dash off like mad to catch the MAX so I could make it down to Portland in time, leaving my briefcase at Mail Boxes Etc.. I reached the Transit Center just in time to catch the MAX into Portland.

Upon arriving at Skidmore fountain, I immediately start wandering to find the Portland Post Office. I stop in at a bar to ask for directions, so I'm told that it's on Fifth and Pine. Sure enough, there was one... a general post office that was closed. I desperately look around and I see a mail truck about to leave. I knock on the window on the passenger's side to get the attention of the driver. He tells me that the main office is actually six blocks over and three blocks up, near Union Station (mind you it's 6:15 PM and I was told that the main Portland Post Office last shipped out at 7:00 PM.

I panic, but maintain my purpose and start bolting for it. I get there at 6:35 PM, just as the gate to the service area is beginning to close. I dash into the line just as the gate closes. I wait in line and finally spill out the quarters, dimes, and nickels to pay for the postage and breathe a sigh of relief. However, the guy who took my package kept calling St. Olaf, "St. Loaf"... merg...

I make it back to Beaverton Transit Center and make my way back to Mail Boxes Etc. in hopes that I could pick up my briefcase. Problem is, it's closed. So I cuss (in my limited ability to do so) and head back to catch the 88 bus. Fortunately, my bus was waiting for me and I was not forced to run or wait a very long time. When I get home, Troy tells me that Mail Boxes Etc. has my bag and that I can come and pick it up either tonight or tomorrow morning (obviously, they had called before I had come back from Portland).

Today, I woke up early to go pick up my bag before school started. Once again, I found them closed. The opening time was 8:00 AM (well into my 2nd period class), so I walked over to the school (within a decent walking distance) and chose to wait until after school to pick it up. However, I needed to have my music folder, which was in my briefcase. My decision: leave during 7th period girl's choir (I'm the Teacher's Aide and they were watching a movie) and pick it up (being driven by my conscience, I asked permission). My bag was waiting for me and I returned to school half way through.

All for a little application to the Bachelor's of Music program at St. Olaf. Man! These college things are a lot of work...

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Current Music: "I Feel Good" -James Brown


Thu, Jan. 16th, 2003 10:21 pm (UTC)

I think there's some mysterious, ancient curse on post offices... everyone is doomed to be late, for ever... and ever. Well, that and they're closed, like, 23 hours of the day, so. I feel your pain.

You should be a spokesperson for Nike, with all of that running. :)

Kenneth Edward Keyn
Thu, Jan. 16th, 2003 10:23 pm (UTC)

That would actually work if I liked their shoes! :P

{edited for grammar)

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