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Grotto at School... - Abadoss' Mind
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Sat, Dec. 21st, 2002 10:21 am
Grotto at School...

Yesterday was the choir's Christmas performance at the school. I must say that it went over very well. The choir did a great job and the students seemed to enjoy it.

I spent all of yesterday setting up and tearing down. I didn't go to a single class. During first and second period, I was setting up risers and the sound shell that we got from the Portland School District on the stage in the cafeteria. During third and fourth, I was rehearsing with the choir. Lunch was... well, lunch... Fifth period, the advanced choir caroled down the halls. Sixth period, the choirs got ready to perform. We performed from 1:10 to 2:10.

The girls started out with "When the Winter Comes" as they processed to the stage from the sides and back of the room. Up next was "Hanukkah Celebration", then "Sound the Trumpet". They were on tune for the most part, though there were places. Next was "Laudamus Te" and Vivaldi's "Gloria". After "Gloria", Erik sang his solo of "I Wonder as I Wander". As usual, Erik skittishly introduced himself, but that's okay because, as usual, he sang wonderfully.

Kelsey and Garrett were supposed to have performed "The Coventry Carol" afterwords, but we accidentally skipped them and went straight to the Men's Ensemble singing "Here We Come A-Wassailing". I sang my traditional solo verse of "Call up the butler of this house, put on his golden ring. Let him bring us up a glass of cheer..." and the rest join in, "and better we shall sing!" Mrs. Thompson would have had me sing my solo next, but I reminded her of Kelsey and Garrett, so they were up. Garrett accompanied Kelsey on the guitar.

Once they finished, I was up there to sing "He Shall Feed His Flock". The interesting thing about my solo is that when I introduced myself, "My name is Kenneth Edward Keyn, and I will be performing 'He Shall Feed His Flock', from the Messiah, by George Fredrick Handel," the audience broke out in applause. In my mind, I was saying, "God, I hope they like the song as much as my intro!" As usual, I could hear every mistake I made, but the audience applauded, so I wasn't too worried.

After me, it was the Advanced Ensemble's time to sing. Our first number was "Dance Alleluia". After that came "Carol of the Bells", then "Suo-Gan". Jane (last name removed for courtesy), Garrett's mother, accompanied us on the Celtic harp for "Suo-Gan". Next up was "Over the River", which the audience seemed to enjoy thoroughly. Last, however, was the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside"... with choreography. Mrs. Thompson had us go into couples and act out the whole thing, kind of like a dance. For me, that's very unnerving. I was with Jessica (last name removed for courtesy). Casey got two women, Crystal and Jessica (last name removed for courtesy / a different Jessica). People I talked to afterwords suggested that Casey was having far too much fun.

Casey's solo of "God Bless Us, Everyone", from the Christmas Carol, was next. He pulled it off nicely, even the high A's. After him, the full choir sang the "Hallelujah Chorus", from the Messiah. The audience was getting into it and clapping and moving back and forth. It was a lot of fun and I think that was the audience's favorite. Afterwords, we sang "Shalom" as we walked of the stage and surrounded the audience.

Over all, a great performance, though a pain in the ass for me. Not only was I setting up and tearing down, delegating and overseeing, and somewhat in charge for a lot of it, but there were a lot of emotional things going on. Obviously the whole Christmas program is difficult for me, in the sense of Hannah being part of it last year, but this year, she was everywhere looked. I almost accidentally ran into her during lunch. Personally, that can mean two things. It could mean that I'm getting farther in getting over her or that I'm sub-conscientiously looking for her. Either way, she was still there. Needless to say, I was pretty distracted by the encounter.

Well, that was my last day of school for the year of 2002. The clock is ticking until I graduate. Kind of a scary aspect. At least I have Christmas coming up to take my mind off of that.

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