Kenneth Edward Keyn (abadoss) wrote,
Kenneth Edward Keyn

Voice Post

298K 1:28
“Well this was just an update, let's see, had an interesting getting to get to sleep. My leg kept on threaten to ___ horse but finally I managed to get some sleep and I just woke up so far things, the pain is still there but it's definitely decrease, right now I'm feeling a lot of stiffness that's pretty much the look I mean feeling is right now but most of the pain is gone most of it. It still doesn't like it when I do certain you know movements but otherwise it's mostly gone so I'm thinking I can beat this today just have to rest and make sure it's good and don't rush anything that I shouldn't and just you know it stretches them at some point. Anyway so yeah so that's, well somebody ring the door bell and Germany is at church right so that was kind of mean of them whoever they were by the time I finally got out there they were definitely gone but I tried. Well alright that's enough for me today have fun”

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