Kenneth Edward Keyn (abadoss) wrote,
Kenneth Edward Keyn

Voice Post

573K 2:49
“Well hello there I figured it's kind of a, been a fun interesting day. So I figured it'd be good time to actually do something. So my day started out with my computer's vio(?) card dying sometime in the night and so I have an interview that I was doing today that required my computer use, using my computer to ram(?) scape so I can you know conduct the interview. Anyways so I had to borrow my room mate's laptop which have some issues that kept on causing connect a ___ it's just keeps on stuttering in the middle of the conversation and kinda have to do like turn off the computer and turn it back on and already(?) begin to work again. So that was fun. Got a nice paper cut on a box of oatmeal. Didn't even know that was possible and then later that the day, in the day around 2:30 or so as I was cleaning up after the interview”

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