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Uh... I Guess I Don't Get to Sleep in Today...

I began my day not quite as I had invisioned doing so today. I woke up early to the sound of someone hammering or pounding away at something in the upstairs apartment. Normally, I kind of try to ignore it and get back to sleep. As I was trying to do so, I noticed that it was raining. That's usuall a comforting thought to me, but I was confused as to why the sound was coming from the wrong direction. In order to locate the source of the sound, I got up and started moving toward it. I simply couldn't understand why the sound of rain was coming from my door. The moment I opened it, everything became as clear as water. Water dripping down from the top of my door frame. Lots of water.

There was a plumber working on the upstairs unit above us. An old, poorly installed, valve broke on him and he didn't know where the water cut-off for the unit was. So, while he's searching for the cut-off, the water's pouring out of the valve and leaking into the space between the floor and our ceiling. The path that the water took was: down the flood/heat lamp and fan fixture in the bathroom, where the worst of it was; into the light fixture in our hallway, which was sealed from dripping, so I only noticed when the light was a different color than it was before; down the light fixture in the center of my roommate's room; and down from the top of the door frames to both our rooms. Luckily, no irreparable damage was done, with maybe the exception of the carpets and whatever is in the space between the ceiling and the upstairs floor. A cleaner service that the landlord uses was called in to vaccuum up the standing water. So, overall, we're fine. We'll just not be turning on a few lights for a few days.

How was your day?
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