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A Quick Recap

I know I haven't spent much time updating my journal. I'm sorry for that. So, just as a way of getting anything down at the moment, I'd like to just recap a few of the more interesting things that have happened so far.

Let's see... to start off, I'm still without a full-time job. However, I did pick up a part time job working for good old Warner doing the ADP technical support job that I did two years ago. Bill, the director of Information Services, called me up, said he'd heard that I was unemployed, and offered me the temporary position. Naturally, I accepted. I have that job until they hire someone full-time. While I have put my application in for the position, it's unlikely that I'll land it unless the top contenders don't accept the offer. I am also receiving unemployment benefits from the state, although it is about $25 less with the temp job. Understandable, really. Plus, I am getting food stamps, so I can be assured of having enough meals to survive. Overall, I'm surviving. I'm not really getting ahead, but I'm not falling too far behind, either.

On a different note, I found a free full-size mattress on Craigslist. I just picked it up today and it is very nice. It's nice and very comfortable. I'm going to sleep very well tonight.

Other than that, there's not a whole lot else that doesn't require more dedicated time to write out. I'll try to set aside some time to do so later on. In the meantime, I'm going to go hang out with my roommate - although we still don't know what we'll be doing yet - and then drop by my brother's work to say hello.
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