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Someone Seems to Have Worked Out Their Snow-Dance...

It's always rather interesting to wake up to snow. Compared to other parts of the world, it's probably not that impressive, but, to Portland, it's a veritable blizzard. I haven't yet seen the news, so I don't know how much people are freaking out yet, but the streets are pretty quiet and there's little to disturb the scenery. I was going to have lunch at a little restaurant that's just across the street, but I found that the dining room was closed. The bar section was still open, but I didn't really want to get smoked out and I had no guarantees that I would be able to get a decent meal instead of just bar food, so I just went home and ate some food I'd picked up at Walgreen's earlier.

I'm thankful that I don't have to be anywhere at this time or I imagine my take on the snow would be a little less appreciative. As it is, though, I like seeing the snow and I just hope that people stay safe and non-idiotic out there on the roads. I'm curious to see how this week turns out. The Weather Channel supposedly puts the lows around 9°F for this week. I kind of doubt that it will get there, but I also doubted that there would be this much snow. Who knows? Maybe it will. It would kind of suck for our electric bill, but it would certainly be interesting.

Just as a side note, I'm not certain how to interpret a few loud popping noises that I'm hearing outside. Normally, I'd think they were fireworks, but I've also been told that the sound tree branches make when they fall off in cold weather is similiar. It could also be a car accident, but it seemed to low in the frequency range. Any thoughts?
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