Kenneth Edward Keyn (abadoss) wrote,
Kenneth Edward Keyn

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“Well, it's about 10:25. It's kinda late. I just really shouldn't be up but I am anyway. Just a few things. I just got ___ 2009 which is beautiful and rather lovely and I'm very excited about that. Other than that I am just you know going through life working trying to prepare for whatever you know grab to school and that kind of stuff even though I really haven't done a whole lot that I should, just professing(?) as usual. Anyway let's see, ok, that I don't know it's just it's kinda hard to think about the stuff that ___ a lot it's pree(?) considering now, how long I've been in LiveJournal. It's tough to come up with something to talk about that hasn't already appeared time and time again. So I don't know. I mean I can talk about the stuff that's gone like the the Journal or not Journal you know just the standard you know this happened and that happened and to a certain degree that's that's fine it's good to ___ kind of stuff. But at the same time you, I mean how much of that can you read really. So anyway I hope I get it done. Alrighty. Good night.”

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