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(History of the Pacific Rim - Japan) - A Pattern of Resigning - Abadoss' Mind
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Tue, Dec. 4th, 2007 01:21 pm
(History of the Pacific Rim - Japan) - A Pattern of Resigning

Scandals do in first female governor

In this article, it talks about the first female governor in Japan, Fusae Ohta, choosing not to run for a third term due to scandals. First, I will admit that it never occurred to me that the Japanese have governors. I think I sort of assumed that everything was run by mayors and the government, which is silly in retrospect. Secondly, I've noticed a strong trend in Japanese politics for resignation over (what, in the US, would be minor) scandals. I'm really impressed with the sense of morals in the politicians of Japan. They will resign over hurting the trust of the people, rather than wait for an investigation and possible jail-time to even consider the matter, as is the popular trend in America. Granted, she is not actually resigning, but the idea is pretty much the same. Third, I did not know that Japan had never had a female governor (allowing for the fact that I didn't think there were governors, in the first place). Japan had allowed for equal sufferage of women when its current constitution was written, at the end of the Reconstruction, so it seems strange to me that it would have taken this long to have a female in office. I'm now curious to see how many women actually serve in high level government positions throughout Japan. I'm not sure what I'll find. I could find that there's a high percentage, and the governor position was just a fluke, or I could find that there are few, if any, in office. It would be interesting to research.

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