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And Now For Something Completely Different! - Abadoss' Mind
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Wed, Sep. 11th, 2002 11:25 pm
And Now For Something Completely Different!

As can be expected of anyone, I'm posting today. I'm not going to dive into detail about my feeling about 9/11, simply because I can't pin point them well enough to understand them myself. Plus, I think I've already gone over my feelings before... Most likely last year. They haven't changed a whole lot.

As far as my day, I'll have to start off two days ago. On Monday, Casey and I decided to work together for a class project in Scott's concerning the changes since 9/11. Considering both of us are singers, we thought about taking a bunch of patriotic songs and making something like a medley out of them. After school, we got together in the halls to practice and work out ideas. We narrowed it down to "America the Beautiful" and "The Star-Spangled Banner". We worked out harmonies and tried to figure out what we were going to do for the project, since it was due the next day (Wednesday). We were singing loudly and proudly (Hey! That rhymes!) and creating over-tones in the hallway. We were in the middle and had a group of kids at one end, just hanging out, and all the faculty in the library at the other end. They all heard us. Those that passed by kept complimenting us. We didn't think a whole lot of it though.

Next day, I get a message during third period from Mrs. Thompson... It reads:

Kenny + Casey
Singing Star Spangled Banner tomorrow
See you this afternoon

Little did we know, but the staff more than just heard us, they signed us up for the 9/11 assembly the next day. So I showed Casey the note before fourth (where we originally intended to sing) and laughed with him for a good couple minutes. Anyway, performed in the class. We were well received.

Today, September 11... We go to the assembly, we are announced. We both go to the stage and sing as proudly as we can. We get a nice big applause and walk off the stage. Went through the rest of the assembly, holding back tears (see earlier entries for explanation). We come out of the assembly and both of us received non-stop compliments the rest of the day. Apparently, we managed to make at least half of the staff cry. Laura commented on how my singing voice is sexy (which threw me off guard). Various other comments insued...

Later that day, Casey and Tamsyn had invited me to go watch a movie with them. Tamsyn had just had a birthday and was now 17. She was thinking that since she, Casey, her friend Ana-Lae (phonetic), and myself were all seventeen and that I was the only who had seen an "R" rated movie in the theater, that it would be cool to go see one. So straight after school, I followed Casey and Tamsyn downtown to Fox Tower.

In Pioneer Square, they were holding a memorial. The most notable thing was that on one of the corners across from Pioneer, was this guy screaming out about how everyone is a murderer for letting abortion continue. What's worse is that he had a bullhorn. Don't get me wrong, I am full pro-life. However, I believe that using tactics like saying everyone's going to hell, doesn't work. In addition, he was doing it during a time of commemoration. That's not right. Regardless, that is not the appropriate time for that.

Anyway, we went to see "One Hour Photo" with Robin Williams. Let me put it this way. I don't think I have ever seen a movie as creepy and trippy as this one. The movie was very well done, there's no doubt about that, but... DAMN!!! It was creepy as all hell! Every time I watch "Mrs. Doubtfire" I'm going to think of this movie... and just as forewarning to anyone who plans on seeing it... beware when Robin Williams is wearing light blue pants!!! I'll just say this, the weak of stomach should look away at this point... IMMEDIATELY!!! Sooooo creeeeeeepy!

So, now I'm home sitting here, trying to forget that one scene, typing this entry. I have a bunch of stuff I need to get done tonight, so I'll say adieu!

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