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Voice Post: Tea and Dancing - Abadoss' Mind
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Tue, Nov. 14th, 2006 06:34 pm
Voice Post: Tea and Dancing

423K 2:08
“Hey, this is Kenneth. I'm callin' in from my dear home. Uh, just kinda hangin' out. Relaxin' a little bit, while there's no rehearsals this week... thankfully. Enjoying some nice peppermint tea and just kinda kicking up my... feet, trying to maintain balance off of the edge of my chair. Anyway... Yesterday, uh, went swing dancing with Amber. Uh, it was real nice. It was supposed to be kind of a, a Warner... everbody from Warner goin' - well, not "everybody", but - like, a whole bunch of people from Warner going down there, uh, but it turned out that Amber and I were the only ones there from Warner, which is really weird cause neither of us had actually planned the event. Um... Aside from that... Today, I auditioned for a part - or, er, not a part - a solo in, uh, Handel's Messiah. Uh... I auditioned for one of the Bass solos, um, the recitive and the aria: uh, "For, Behold, Darkness Shall Cover the Earth" and "The People that Walked in Darkness". Uh... Pretty cool pieces. Very dissonant, though, especially for Hanel... Handel... but, really nice pieces. So, I'm hoping that I'll get that, but there's no telling until, at least, Thursday. So, we'll see what happens. Other than that, coming up, I have Friday Arts that I have to sing at. Goin' be doing... a nice little... gospel... thing... uh... but, other than that, just kinda chillin' out. Gettin' a little bit sleepy from my tea, I think... Yup, so, anyway... I'm goin' to call it a night, at least for this post, anyway. Alright, take care.”

Transcribed by: abadoss