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Voice Post: First Voice Post - Abadoss' Mind
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Sat, Nov. 11th, 2006 02:32 am
Voice Post: First Voice Post

334K 1:37
“Hey, this is Kenneth... Keyn. I am callin' in just to do my first VoicePost. Um... jus'... I was very, very happy to see that they actually added Oregon numbers on to the, uh, the VoicePost... phone lists... so... here I am... (*chuckles*)... Anyway, uh, just some minor things that have been goin' on recently: uh, just... got finished with the Opening Night of The Good Doctor by Neil Simon. Uh... technically, even though it's the Opening Night, it's actually the second performance of it. Uh, last night was the Student Preview... Unfortunately, a lot of the audience didn't really understand a whole lot of the play. So - I mean, it was a good performance - it was just, nobody got it. Um, however, tonight - oh, tonight was great - they definitely were on top of things and understood a lot more than the previous crowd had... uh, which is ironic considering the fact that this crowd was composed mostly of high school students. Hmm, go figure. Anyway... uh... other than that and all the stuff that I've been writing recently... is... pretty much the majority of what's goin' on... uh... I definitely have a very strong urge to kill my computer at the moment, but, other than that... I think I'm goin' to go to bed because it is definitely 2:30. And... I dunno. We'll see if I keep doin' this... Definitely have a lot of storage space available for it, I guess... Alrighty... Take care.”

Transcribed by: abadoss