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CPU Update - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Nov. 10th, 2006 11:29 am
CPU Update

My motherboard, CPU, and RAM all made it wonderfully. However, shortly after putting it in my case, I realized that the power supply was wrong and that my video card wouldn't fit in any of the slots. (If tech language bothers you, look away...) The power supply on my current case has a 20-pin connection and the addition 4-pin connection. The problem I'm having is that my new motherboard requires a 24-pin, plus the 4-pin connection. My video card is an AGP, which is fine for my old motherboard, but not for my new one. My new one is strictly PCI. There are 3 standard PCI slots and the rest are weird PCI Express slots (two x2, one x4, and one x16).

Basically, I was forced (well... compelled) to buy a new video card (PCI Express x16) and a new power supply that has a 24-pin connection. And, while I was at it, I found a relatively cheap webcam. I also decided to pick up a new case as well. So, all of those things should be coming sometime next week.

Even with all this new stuff, I'm not sure the escapades will end here. Windows gets really annoyed and freaks out when major system componants get changed out from underneath it. I'm hoping I can work it out such that it won't be a major issue. Like I said earlier on, I do no want to re-install Windows, nor do I want to buy a new copy. Windows is so freakin' expensive.

If anyone wants to get me something for Christmas, I'd love a real copy of Windows XP Pro. Speaking of expensive programs, I'd also love a copy of Finale 2007 (with Garritan).


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