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Movin' Update - Abadoss' Mind
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Sat, Jun. 3rd, 2006 03:46 pm
Movin' Update

My roommate and I have been moving for about a week now. The biggest problems were finally taken care of yesterday, but there's still quite a bit left. This is probably the most exhausting move I've ever had (second only to the move up from California).

I think a lot of it has to do how stretched out it's been and how much stuff that my roommate and I have to do on our own. The times we've been able to really get ahead have been the times when we've had another person to help us. I think a lot of that has to do with the "fresh-blood" theory.

The whole week, I've been physically and emotionally exhausted. I had run out of food stamps for the month, so, until yesterday, I was malnurished. Because of all the furniture we have, my muscles are sore and I'm drained and exhausted. Also, because of how much time it takes to move, we've often been going way through night into the morning moving. And, since my bed made it's transition rather slowly, I'd not been getting a whole lot of sleep.

Anyway, we're getting closer to being done. The new apartment is looking fairly nice (although our shower is clogged and somewhat busted). As far as my number goes, I actually had my phoneline forwarded to the extension here. So, if you call my old number, I'll get the call on my new number.

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