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School... - Abadoss' Mind
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Wed, Aug. 28th, 2002 09:51 pm

Okay... after a confusing set of events, I am now OFFICIALLY registered for school at ACMA. There's no fooling around this year, though. I am going to be working so hard to make up my lacking credits... erg... anyway... I went in today and found out I was actually two hours late for an appointment I didn't even know about. Nonetheless, I had a talk with Yambo and the new counselor, so I was readmitted... conditionally. I have to write up a "plan for academic success" (I'm quoting no one, just naming it) by Friday. Basically, I have everything in order. I'll need to take some Evening Academy classes (and have them finished by the end of first semester), check in with the couselor every grading period, and take (*shudders*) "Intro to Movement"... ARG!!! I couldn't talk my way out of that one...

Well, all I need to do now is get a hold of Merlo... hmm...

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Current Music: "Pilot the Yggdrasil" -Jared Hudson