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April's Fooling Me... - Abadoss' Mind
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Sat, Apr. 1st, 2006 08:22 pm
April's Fooling Me...

Today has certainly lived up to it's potential. I expecting to pretty much pass this day off like I do most years, but it really bit me in the butt this time. Now, I don't like claiming that I'm somewhat gullable. It's a sad fact that I tend to trust most people at first encounter. That said, here's been my day so far (and it's only half-over):

First, I went over to 76 to pick up something to eat and the cashier put everything in a bag that had a whole in the bottom. I walked right out before noticing that there was nothing in the bag. He laughed at me when I sulked back in.

Second, trying to cross the street is dangerous enough without cars purposefully aiming for you. Usually, I can get people to slow down by giving them a look as I'm crossing, but this stupid SUV decides it's going to be funny and do no such thing. He barrels through, missing me by a hair. Luckily a cop was going the other way and saw the whole thing, did a u-turn and chased after him. Stupid idiot SUV...

Third, I stepped in dog crap that was on the sidewalk. A nice fresh one, too.

Fourth, when I got home, I grabbed some water and went to my computer and the water spilled all over my desk and all over my clothes.

Fifth, I wanted to check how much I had in my bank account, so I called up their automated service, only to find out that I had overdrafted it with my 76 run and now I have a $33 fine.

Sixth, just to pour salt onto an already injured ego, I got a papercut looking for my bank statement.

Seventh, if you're believing any of this, then April Fool's! So, I'm still trying to figure out how to get everything back to normal. Hopefully, I can pay off the bank, go the trial of the SUV driver, plot some kind of revenge against the 76 cashier, kick the next dog I see crapping on the sidewalk (and its owner), dry my clothes, and find some bandaids for my cut.

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