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A New Year - 2006 - Abadoss' Mind
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Sun, Jan. 1st, 2006 03:46 pm
A New Year - 2006

It's a new year and a chance to think about more specific things. After all, the idea that a new year is meant to be better (or at least different) than the previous year is always in mind. So, what makes this "new" year different from the "old" year? Honestly, I have no clue. The days are still going to pass as they've always passed. The hours will still be hours and minutes will be minutes. Everything that works somehow will still work the same way. There is no magical difference between yesterday and today. Only an idea.

2005 was a rather interesting year for me. I made a lot of decisions, completed a lot of milestones, and had a lot more to worry about than the average person should. I attended at least three weddings (one of which was my brother's), performed numerous times, and took part in two theatre productions. I wrote nearly sixty pieces of music, a one-act, and nearly twenty poems and riddles. I have fallen down one flight of stairs, whacked my head on car door frames more times than I care to remember, and lost and (thankfully) found at least ten different items. I have gained new friends, lost old friends, and strengthened bonds between the friends I have. I've loosened up, cracked down, and gained too much weight. Just to name some of the few things...

2006, I'm hoping, will show improvements in my level of discipline concerning schoolwork. I'm hoping that I can do something to loose weight and improve my overall health. I'm hoping that I can successfully direct and produce the one-act I wrote. I'm hoping I can finish the Missa de Clementia and perhaps write another symphony. Most of all, I'm hoping that I can continue to stengthen the bonds with my friends and draw them to closer.

While these are things that I want to accomplish, they are not solid goals, in the traditional sense. So, as is tradition for this time of year, I hereby make these resolutions:

1. Come to a decision about my commitment
2. Finish the Missa de Clementia
3. Lose at least fifteen or twenty pounds (cliché, I know)
4. Use paper plates and plastic cups (this one was made with my roommate)
5. Live

God grant me the strength and wisdom to fulfill that which I set out to do. May Your will guide me in all things and bring me closer to You. Amen.

Current Mood: hopeful hopeful
Current Music: "Molly Mallone" -Paddyrasta