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"... Shall Come for Thee in a One-Horse Open Sleigh..."

For Scoring and Arranging, we have an assignment due tomorrow. The assignment is to take two different recognizable Christmas tunes and mix them together into an easy song for two voices. So, being the nerd that I am, I put together O Come, O Come Emmanuel and Jingle Bells together into something that is extremely strange, but works all the same.

Some of the word combinations are hilarious, though:

"... that mourns in lowly exile here... until the... (Jingle bells!...)"
"(Jingle...) Rejoice! (... all the way) Rejoice!... (Oh, what fun it is to ride...)"
"... shall come for thee... (in a one-horse open sleigh!)"

Anyway, I need to get to bed since I've been in the habit of sleeping through my classes lately (not so good)...
Tags: composition, music
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