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Beardy Brawls

Recently, I've started doing something rather unusual (at least for me), in that I've started combing my beard. I've not been able to trim it because I need to look like a prisoner for La Mancha. So, in an effort to keep my beard from getting really bad and itchy and whatnot, I've been using the comb that came with my beard-trimmer. The problem is that once and a while (more often than I'd prefer), the comb will catch in some part of my beard and will start ripping at it. The best way I can describe it to those of you without beards (which I'm assuming is a good majority of you, since most of you are women) is as if someone were to take a pair of tweezers and clamped down on the inside of your nose and started tugging at it. Anyway, it hurts to say the least.

So, that's today's mindlessness... now to get on with what I actually need to be doing...
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