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The Glorious Act of Updating - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Oct. 14th, 2005 10:18 pm
The Glorious Act of Updating

I was very much surprised to find a white hair in my beard today. It resembles a thinner form of fishing wire. Naturally, I'm slightly bothered by it's presence, but I suppose it's not necessarily that uncommon. It's just very weird for me, personally. Hopefully, it'll be many many years before I see the next one, but, in the meantime (as the saying might suggest), I might want to consider cutting down on my stressors (not that I don't already consider that).

In other news, I did some set-building for the play yesterday and today. It's starting to look pretty cool. However, we had a bit of a scare today, as the "great" beam, that we tried putting up today, got a nasty split in the off-center middle, so we now have to add another beam to support the weight. In the meantime, it's being supported by ropes tied to the lighting grid, some wire, and a long 2x4 placed directly under the crack. That thing is very heavy, so it would be most unfortunate if it were to fall.

Afterward, Tyler and Alex invited me to eat with them at... (can't remember the name) the Indian/Moroccan café on Division (where the road curves, I think around 30th, near Rite-Aid). I had one of the best burritos (I know, I'm not that adventurous) I've ever had. Very good stuff. My only complaint would have been that the tables were a little low off the ground for still having chairs. That and I think the waitor was hitting on me. Otherwise, the ambience was really nice and the food was good.

In yet other news, Wednesday was Tiffany's birthday, so I made sure to have a song written for her (which is currently available on my site as "Fugue in Bb Major"), as well as a few other things that I'm not normally able to plan. Since, we both had the same class on Wednesday night, I arranged to have a small cake and a couple bottles of Martinelli's (going high-class here) ready. I also called her at midnight that morning (she was still awake) and wished her happy birthday. Hopefully, she managed to have a wonderful day.

On the emotional side of things, I still feel pretty crappy. It's never easy getting my mind and my heart to line up. I still feel horribly lonely, even though I know I have friends. I can't say that I know I have close friends, because I've become very uncertain of what that even means anymore, but at least I know I have friends. I just wish I felt like I did.

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