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Dinner on Me - Abadoss' Mind
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Thu, Sep. 29th, 2005 07:05 pm
Dinner on Me

I had invited Bridget, Melissa, and Rebecca over to our apartment for dinner about two weeks ago and tonight is when it took place (unfortunately, Rebecca wasn't able to come). I am very pleased to say that it went very well. I used my mother's receipe for stacked enchiladas (which is the only spicy food I will eat). Although, there was a little drama in the actual preparation of the food, it still turned out tasting great. Thanks to Jeremy for helping me a great deal with that. There was also a little bit of drama over Hazen and Nick inviting themselves, as well, but I asked them to leave, so that issue went away.

It was amusing considering that I have no voice at the moment. So, the conversation was mostly held up by Jeremy (for our part). I just used my clipboard here and there for occasional messages.

Jeremy and Melissa had to take off for Wind Ensemble and Bridget was so kind in the fact that she helped clean up the kitchen. She did so much without being required to do anything at all. She's very awesome.

Joe stopped by to chat while she was helping, which was cool.

Today has been a good day.

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