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Old Journal 49 - Abadoss' Mind
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Mon, Sep. 20th, 1999 09:55 pm
Old Journal 49

Today is September 20, 1999. Well, it’s been a long time. I thought I had ended my need to write journals. I was wrong. Little did I know that I would be writing for another reason. Stress. Emotional and physical stress. As a general rule, your not suppose to bottle up your emotions because it will cause a serious strain on your ability to function properly. In other words, humans don’t have the ability to act like Spock for very long. I should know, I’ve tried it. I almost had it down, too. For nearly a year now, I’ve had the nasty habit of keeping my emotional self on a leash. I know now how dangerous that really is. You see, when you don’t have that much pressure, thing are just a bit easier to control. However, at high levels of stress, you can no longer keep that cork in the bottle (to coin a phrase). As you probably already know, I’m about to move to Oregon. My mom, Janelle, and the boys, already went up. Frankly, I truly wish I were there. Down here, Jason, Troy and me are living together. I’m truly sorry for saying this, but Jason has an extremely annoying tendency to piss me of. He’s cool and all, but we just don’t mix well, especially when we’re living in the same house. He tends to have this overbearing overlord taskmaster type thing going on that really make it difficult to get along with him. The list of thing that he does that pisses me off is too large to finish tonight, so I won’t go into detail. Now, as for physical stress, I have been dealing with hives. This is my first time and I’ve already been dealing with it for about two months, if not more. And if that’s not enough, accompanying it is a massive outbreak of acne all over my entire back and stomach, and on my arms and face. I finish up tomorrow or sometime. I’m really tired. Good night.