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Old Journal 46 - Abadoss' Mind
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Thu, Jun. 17th, 1999 12:18 pm
Old Journal 46

Today is June 17, 1999. Truly, I wonder what this world is coming to. A better question I should be asking myself is, what am I coming to? I recently got out of school. Now is the time have to ask myself, who am I? Never before have I had to deal with a problem like the one I had this year. Kristy (last name removed for courtesy). Countless hours did I spend thinking about her. I gotten to a point where I would spend thirty dollars on a crappy yearbook just so I could have a picture of her. I will give her this, she has changed me. I will have to learn to deal with my emotions. Sadly, I’ll still have next year with her. I don’t know how to get over her. I need to. I constantly ask God why, but He hasn’t felt it’s time to tell me yet, I guess. For the time being I’ll just keep in mind that God knows what He’s doing, and I’ll trust him with that. I guess I’ll be signing off now. Good day at 12:18.