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Old Journal 37 - Abadoss' Mind
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Thu, Dec. 3rd, 1998 01:12 am
Old Journal 37

Today is…well…today was Wednesday, December 2, 1998. Now it’s Thursday, December 3, 1998. Anyway it’s just been really tiring on this computer for awhile. I’ll tell you in a minute. Well, I haven’t been putting in journal entries for awhile. Anyway, lately I’ve been reading a book Troy let me read. First off, I want to say that I am a complete asshole moron-shitting idiot to put it bluntly. I was completely ignorant to the truth about dating. The name of the book is “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” Good title, good book. I am going to take the advice in this book to heart because it’s true and I was a moron for not seeing it. I’ll tell you about some of the things it said, but by now I’m sure you, my fiancée, already know about it because you would not be in this position unless I had followed the advice in the book. I see my fault in indulging my every waking moment in thoughts about her. It’s called infatuation and it’s deadly. There is still a lot that is in that book that I have yet to explain in my journals. This is one thing that I'll explain some other time not now: I thought to the deepest reaches of my heart that I absolutely LOVE Kristy and that I wanted to be her boyfriend or at least a close friend, like deep very close friend. I see my complete screw up. I’ll explain later. Anyway, yesterday, I learned how to correctly spell Kristy’s name. So I spent the entire evening going through all my journals and other documents respelling her name. It was not a fun job considering the fact that I have thirty-six journal entries and six other documents. I have her English class now. Just as I suspected, just not at the same period. She has Mrs. Batch during third period. Anyway I’m kind of tired especially since the time is 1:12. So, good night at, well what do you know, 1:12.