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Old Journal 35 - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Nov. 20th, 1998 04:18 pm
Old Journal 35

Today is Friday, November 20, 1998. Well, today I found out Kristy’s sixth period class. It was totally God that I found it. Her class got held in a little amount of time. Just as I got to the class I saw her come out. So, now I have the same history teacher. So far we have the same science, social studies, and PE teachers. Unfortunately, only in PE do I have the same class and at the same hour. So far, this is her schedule:

1 Science 8 Scales K-35
2 Math 8 Lux M-53
3 English 8 ? I-?
4 Exploratory Espinoza L-39
5 Co.-Ed PE 8 Smith D-42
6 Social Studies 8 Hibbs I-26

I thank God for all that He has done for me in this period of my life, but I still want Him to bless Kristy more than He has given to me. I will receive any help God gives me, but still, I want Him to bless Kristy, protect Kristy, and help Kristy more than He has for me. I love her. I don’t want anything to happen to her. Whether it be spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical, I don’t want anything to happen to her at all. Like I said, I love Kristy. Kristy (last name removed for courtesy). She is my lost treasure. She’s more important to me than this computer, my music, my grades, my knowledge of my mind and defense and offence, where I live, food, LEGO, and anything else, besides God, put together. I love her. I LOVE her. I LOVE KRISTY (last name removed for courtesy). I love Kristy. Anyway, I made a small mark with her, I think, today. Before we went to play hockey, I offered to get her a stick. Well, I got a stick, but she likes the blue ones and I got her a white one. I think the shape is a little different depending on the color. Well, she didn’t stay long playing hockey, but that’s OK. I mean, I left after a while too. Oh, by the way, Mr. Smith was not there, so we had a choice of what we could do. Well, I am going to just relax now. Good day at 4:18.