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Old Journal 33 - Abadoss' Mind — LiveJournal
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Sun, Nov. 15th, 1998 04:07 pm
Old Journal 33

Today is Sunday, November 15, 1998. Today, I installed “Office 97™” on to the computer. It’s pretty cool what new improvements they added to “Word™.” Anyway, I’m not feeling to well. I had two meat and cheese sandwiches for lunch today. Well…I had a small dilemma with the meat…it expired nine days ago. It was already to late after I ate the sandwiches that I found this. It was a little disturbing. Oh, well. Anyway, time moves so slow, yet so fast without Kristy. Love is never easy, so I’ve heard. Now, I know that. It’s hard not to see the world differently, now. I see women constantly make me think about Kristy. Even if the only thing this person has in common with Kristy, is the color of her hair. I’m losing strength trying to stay above the water. I mean, I want so hard to meet Kristy, but every time I get near to meeting her, I lose ground and stumble into hiding from her. It’s like a very look from her would shred me to pieces then disintegrate me. I find myself either sleeping or listening to music from only four artists, Bryan Duncan, Cindy Morgan, Crystal Lewis, and Rebecca St. James, or from the classical music station on the radio. Sometimes, I end up watching movies when Jenny comes here. Today, I saw “Les Miserables.” It’s not as good as the concert. As a matter of fact, the movie left out a couple key things to the story. They did, however, add a couple things. Anyway, thank you for your time reading this. Good night at 4:07.