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Old Journal 28 - Abadoss' Mind
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Tue, Oct. 27th, 1998 07:48 pm
Old Journal 28

Today is Tuesday, October 27, 1998. Well, today was an interesting day. Today, I found out that Kristy broke up with Deuel. I don’t know why. Vincent told me that. Somehow, I got caught talking about Deuel with Vincent. Pretty soon he asked me if I knew him. I said, “He has a girlfriend, right.” He said that he used to have one. I would have never expected this to happen. She’s available. It’s scary. My only problem is I can’t go after her. One of the things I have to check on before dating or courting or whatever, is that she is not newly out of a relationship. I hope that she holds off long enough. This whole thing is driving me off the brink of insanity. It’s giving me a problem holding on to sane, reasonable logic. All that is going down the toilet. I can’t think straight anymore. Troy can be my witness on that. Now, I have to find out from God whether I have to use brute strength to become worthy to date her or romance. I will have a better chance with romance than brute force. I have a couple tricks up my sleeve. Here they are: poetry, music, sincerity, and God. I don’t consider God to be a trick, but he is absolutely necessary to use romance. However, if I have to prove myself, well, I’m more than willing. I’d feel sorry for the guy I have to attack or defeat in any matter because I have a couple skills to win: diplomacy, katana skills, bow staff skills, boxing skills, hand to hand combat skills, and my brain. I would also feel sorry for myself for stooping that low to gain the attention from Kristy. Well, God’s will be done in my life. I’m still a little dismayed when the moving subject come in to focus. I know my mom wants me to go to a better school, but I don’t want to move away from Kristy even at the cost of my education and my safety. As far as both go, I can deal easily with all the problems in school that come my way. Speaking of problem in school, Marcus tried to pick a fight with Stephen today. Much to my surprise, Stephen resisted him. Well, once I got home, I found Stephen and told him he made a wise decision. He did. At least, people do have some good moral values. Nothing to be overly proud of, but it was a relief to me a little bit. However, not very much a relief, when I came home, Troy had removed the sound and video cards. He also replaced the monitor. I wouldn’t have minded, but Troy replaced the Mach64 video card with a Trident video card. Plus, he didn’t even bother to replace the Opti-Plug and Play sound card. He switched the PS/ValuePoint monitor with a Digital monitor. Just for my future wife, a Mach64 is better than a Trident. A Mach64 has 24-bit colors, a Trident probably only has only 256 colors. The PS/ValuePoint monitor that we have is better than the Digital monitor. The sound card is a very good sound card. Anyway, the reason, he said, for removing the video card was because it was making the screen scroll even after trying three different monitors. Also the reason for the monitor switch. As for the sound card, I don’t know why he took that out. Anyway, I heard about a new computer that is being built by IBM that is a couple trillion times faster than “Deep Blue,” the first computer to beat a champion chess player. “Deep Blue” is a very fast computer. It just is very pleasing to see IBM getting back on track in the speed race in computer engineering. A new joke has been born about Apple computers. The joke is that Apple’s new computer design will be named “Ameba.” Today, I had to retake my ID picture. Once again, I had to put my name on a blank card. I hope they get it right this time. Well, I have to read the book, “A Day no Pig will Die.” I feel like I want to throw up. For some reason, this book has a bit of cussing in it. Today has been just loaded with things to talk about. Anyway, today I didn’t get to sit close to Kristy on the way home. I was at the very back off the bus while she was in the middle. We were on opposite sides as well. I was on the left, she was on the right. Oh, today during PE, I had a chance to say more than two words. I had missed a dribble pass to myself and rolled near Kristy. She said ever so lovingly, “Learn to dribble.” I said that I was tired. She didn’t hear me, so she asked me what I said, so I repeated it again. Well, when Vincent told me of Kristy’s break up, he said it was like a week ago. I never noticed, for some absolutely absurd reason. I don’t know what that reason is, but I can just simply didn’t notice. Don’t get me wrong I always notice Kristy, I just didn’t see THIS coming. Well, I need to get busy on my homework and I’m tired, so good night at 7:48.