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Old Journal 18 - Abadoss' Mind
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Fri, Oct. 9th, 1998 04:38 pm
Old Journal 18

Today is Friday, October 9, 1998. After two days of retaliation and recuperation of my spirit I have been faced with a new challenge. This one is a little easier to deal with. My mission, should I accept it, is to deal with a possible occult fanatic who does not appreciate my presence in the desk in front of him. Profile: bleached blond hair, dark eyes, fair skinned, and wears a pentagram ring on his right, ring finger (naturally). Any confrontations should be limited to calm yet non-defensive words and eye contact only until a certain time notified by God. This is a level two-class mission. No spiritual attacks until absolutely necessary or until God’s timing. This message will self-destruct whenever the computer breaks down. Anyway, today I had to go to the attendance window to get a re-admit to notify that I was at my classes. Well, Kristy was absent as well, yesterday. Probably not the day before, though. Anyway, she went to talk to someone and lost her place in line. I was about to go up after two people. Well, I decided to allow her to cut in front of me. She seemed to appreciate the gesture, so she accepted it and went ahead of me. This is a first step in becoming known to her as a friend. I will under no circumstance try to go any further than that, unless God wants me to for some reason. Today, I had a test in math. I think I got most if not all right, including the extra credit. I got off easy in science and English due to the fact I was absent. In band, I finally got Mr. Flemington his six dollars for my shirt. Also, I got my ID card and my ASB punch on it. Also today, I had a lot more social affiliation during lunch. In PE, my team won the game today with a score of 18 to 6. The last time we played, the score was 12 to 12. So, although my team doesn’t look like much of a challenge, it sure has been doing pretty good. Everybody on our team pitches in to getting the points. All of us have our own personal weaknesses, but as a team we get over most of those weaknesses. On the bus coming home I had minor problems that were soon overcome. The main one was that Marcus tried to feel what my head felt like. I have no idea as to why he wanted to know. Anyway, as he tried to do that I grabbed his hand just above the wrist tightly to let him know I was displeased. He struggled to get loose, but failed. I just let go and turn around and stared him in the eye to fully let him know I didn’t enjoy that. I turned back around and continued to look straight, out the window, or where ever I wanted to look that was in eyesight in front of me. After that, he was doing other things to annoy me without physical contact. I have a three-day weekend after today. That will give me more time to just gather my thoughts, recuperate, and relax so I can be a little less stressed from school. Well, good day at 4:38.