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Old Journal 15 - Abadoss' Mind
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Sun, Oct. 4th, 1998 03:48 pm
Old Journal 15

Today is Sunday, October 4, 1998. Unfortunately, I was unable to get an entry in because I was playing my trombone at the Rose Bowl during half time. After that, I went to Debbie’s house when Chris came to pick me up. Then I got to play a wrestling game on Joey and Annie’s Nintendo 64. It was then that I got to go home with Jenny. When I got home, it was already a little late at night, Jen jumped on to the computer to play a new game she got Friday, Star Trek - Generations. She showed me a couple of the parts of the game. Then Troy and mom got home. Jen allowed Troy to play his recently saved game. Now it was too late to make an entry anyway so I just went to bed. Anyway UCLA won the game with 48 to 10 when I left. There was four minutes on the clock. There couldn’t be a chance of Washington State getting six touchdowns in that amount of time. Anyway, today Jen was playing Civilization while I was asleep this morning. I could have sworn that she was trying to wake me up. Anyway, after about two or three hours she decided to play Star Trek again. She played that for three or four hours. Then I decided to take a nap. She woke up just a couple minute ago and told me she was leaving to go back to her dorm and she would be back Friday. By the way it is 3:48 right now. Anyway, she also said that this up coming Saturday we would be going to Disneyland. Joy. It is kind of cool that we get to go there, but I really think I will need a break sometime soon. I’ll still go because she has planned this for a long time and I haven’t been to Disneyland for a long time and it would be a little strange if I suddenly give it up. That would cause my depression to be a little more intense to them and my little dilemma would not stay secret for very long. This secret needs to be between me and God and no one else. Anyway, I still am putting together scenarios in my head about Kristy. This I still have to pound in my head, it’s over and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. I hope soon God will let me know why I was allowed to go through this. This last part is an addition to the rest of the entry. It is 8:10 and something really got me spooked and pumping with adrenaline. While I was relaxing in my bed I heard a loud glass shattering bang and then a bunch of other bangs accompanied by bright flashes. I thought it was lightning, so I turn off what appliances I could and dashed for the hallway. I then looked out my living room window and heard another bang, but this time there was a red light. I was slightly confused as to how lightning could have red light. So, I went outside to look. I heard loud bangs that I had to cover my ears and run inside. I saw blue and green lights. It turned out that what I thought was lightning was actually fireworks being shot off from the Dresion Center. I was a little frustrated by the noise and the sudden disturbance, but on the up side I can understand people who live by the Rose Bowl, the Hollywood Bowl, and any other place that does fireworks. Anyway, good night to all. This took ten minutes to write. Wow. OK good bye.