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Old Journal 12 - Abadoss' Mind
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Wed, Sep. 30th, 1998 08:36 pm
Old Journal 12

Today is Wednesday, September 30, 1998. Today was interesting. This morning, some of the kids at my bus stop had asked me for a dollar. They were bickering about who should get it. It all ended when Marcus, one of the kids who asked, offered two condoms then four condoms. That set me ablaze. I deliberately and boldly refused his offer by saying “None!” when he asked how many I wanted. My standards will stand the same forever. I am going to save my self for marriage, until I die if necessary. Anyone who rushes me to the bed will no longer have my friendship or my support. Anyway, during the remainder of the day was sort of normal. Just watching Kristy, which by the way I finally learned how to spell her last name and went ahead a corrected my previous journals, and talking to God all the way through my classes. Anyway, after my last class ended, I had to pick up my band uniform. I think it looks like a monkey suit. Well, on the bus people were talking to me a little more then before, that by the way would be over three sentences. They were asking me about my uniform, what I play, and other absurd questions. Plus on the bus, one of the guys was playing with some kind of action figure, transformer thing. He was fooling around and making it bow over and over again it was sort of funny. So, on the bus the Lord gave me a little humor. Once I got home, Jason and Troy had somehow found out how to make the Proteus / 2 work. While they were testing it out, I when outside on my porch roof, or for now on my thinking spot or whatever I plan on calling it. There I just talked with God. I ask God that if I didn’t have to wait for the seventh dress, to let me see seven birds fly into my site. He sent ten. Then, I asked him to show me twelve birds including the extra from the seven. He showed me thirteen. It proves to me that God is plentiful with His signs. The total amount of birds was twenty. Anyway, when I came back inside my brother, Troy had installed “Doom” to test the joystick. This disturbed me slightly. He said he would delete the game after he tested it with the joystick. Well, he deleted the game, but not the saved data from the game. I had to delete that myself. Yesterday I found a method of spotting Kristy at lunch. I just look for her backpack. No one else that I see has the same backpack or maybe the same backpack, but not her physical personalities, or visa versa. I still ask God to show me the truth though. Anyway, “Adieu.”