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Old Journal 7 - Abadoss' Mind — LiveJournal
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Fri, Sep. 25th, 1998 05:01 pm
Old Journal 7

Today has been very rough on me. By the way, today is September 25,1998. Today I finally learned the girl’s name. It’s Kristy (last name removed for courtesy). That was the good thing. The bad things were as follows: First thing that is bad was that we got pictures today and I won’t be able to get my ID for about three or four weeks. That means I won’t get to go into the library until then. The worst was that I saw Kristy holding hands with another guy. My hope is that God is preparing her for something in that area. Anyway, I asked God to have her wear a dress for seven days in a row if she was the right one and to prove what I am feeling, whether or not it’s true feelings or Satan trying to get the best of me. So far, so good. She was wearing a grayish plaid striped dress. One down, six to go. I’ll have to wait till Monday to find out if day two is a score. If it started to day, then I should know by next Monday. If not, then I’ll just wait she does wear a dress for seven days. I’m disappointed today because of the action of her holding hands. Anyway, I had a lot of chances to catch glimpses of her face and a couple long looks. I also noticed that she has a lovely and absolutely beautiful smile. Also, today I learned that just because a friendship starts off rocky, it does not mean that it will stay that way. I have a least a few friends so far, which is a surprise to me because usually by this time the only friends I have are the counselors and maybe a few teachers. Today, my friends are John (last name removed for courtesy), Andrew (last name removed for courtesy), T.K. (last name removed for courtesy), Mark (last name removed for courtesy), Robert (last name removed for courtesy) who I know from third grade, Natasha (last name removed for courtesy) in my science class, and Mark (last name removed for courtesy). Unfortunately, I can’t get to know Kristy until the seventh dress. For the meantime I can only look at her and avoid eye contact. It’s crucial that I avoid eye contact because I could jeopardize the whole relationship to come. I can not jump the gun too early or I’ll pay the consequences dearly. Once I see the seventh dress, I can move to the next phase, whatever that is. I pray that I know the truth soon, very soon. All I know is that I have to wait a week and a half to find out. Also today, I got to try on my band uniform. Turns out that I’m in somewhat of a marching band. Oh, well. Anyway, next weekend, I get to play at the Rose Bowl for a UCLA game. My world is starting to crumble because of Kristy. All that I once took for silliness, is important and there is no way to not help but look at her, where I use to just avoid looking at anyone for very long except the Lord. I can’t even keep to one subject. I’ll jump from one topic to Kristy, then another topic and once again Kristy. I can’t help but think that her name beautifully fits her description and face. Plus, it is a beautiful name. I hope soon I will be able to get to know her personality. To think, before I noticed Kristy, I could barely get anything in an entry. It just amazes me. Now, I’m writing full-page entries. Take this one for example. Writer’s Block on my journals has just seemed to disappear into thin air, or just transferred to my essays and writing assignments. I’ve decided that if she is the one, then when the time is right I will show her all my journals, and only her. I’m still having difficulty spelling whole words and making complete sentences. If this is you reading this, Kristy, the only reason why all of the spelling errors and grammar problems are not there, it’s because I have spell check and after each sentence I check to see if I typed what I meant. Plus, I tried to use whatever skills I had left, after I saw you, in me to write this entry. I can tell you that I don’t have many left. I’m lucky I can still re-read my paper or this entry may have not made much sense. I just noticed that it’s been about an hour and a half since I started this entry. I started at about 3:40 and it’s 5:01. I think I’m just starting to fill in space by adding stuff that isn’t that important. Well, if you’re reading this, Kristy, I can tell that the trial run was successful. Anyway, farewell to you, Kristy. Adieu.