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Troy and Martina Keyn! - Abadoss' Mind
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Tue, Jul. 19th, 2005 06:12 am
Troy and Martina Keyn!

Now that I have a chance to stop and write, I should mention that Troy's wedding was on Sunday. It was very nice, but also very hot. Troy had it a lucky because his tux was all white, but the groomsmen were all in black. Anyway, despite the heat, it was a wonderful wedding. Martina looked beautiful and Troy looked awesome. Tears all around, very moving.

The wedding took place outside at Blue Lake Park out in Troutdale. It was really nice. Couldn't ask for better weather (well, maybe a little cooler, but that's not the point). Most of the people there were sweating pretty bad. The pastor, poor guy, had it dripping off his nose. Most people thought I was crazy for leaving my tux jacket on, but, considering the conditions, I dared not taking it off.

Well, now that they're off to their honeymoon, my job as Best Man has finally concluded. Aside from checking in on their apartment, there's no more parties to plan, no more speeches to make, and no more everything else that came along with the job. It's a bit relieving and a bit sad because I know it's going to be a while before I'll ever do it again.

It's also kind of weird to think about the fact that Troy is now married. We had always joked that I'd probably be the first one between the two of us. Coming down to it, it turned out to be the other way around. So, after this, only Jenny and I have remained unmarried. I don't know what Jenny has planned, but as for myself, I'm probably looking a several years before I'm anywhere near. Although, after being part of a wedding, it's difficult not to think about it.

As far as a wedding present, I decided to write them a piece. I actually wrote them a Waltz. Mom was joking around that they could dance to it at their anniversary. It's entirely possible since it follows a pretty traditional waltz format. Since we're talking about gifts, Troy did something really cool for all his groomsmen. He got all of us daggers, individually, that fit our personalities. I got a Scottish claymore type dagger. It looks very cool and it has a sharpener built into the sheath. It's currently next to my bed.

It was very nice to see people I hadn't seen in years. It's amazing to think of how much they've changed or stayed the same. It reminds me that I must have changed a great deal since the last time each had seen me. For some, I might even be a completely different person, with little resemblance to who I was. It's interesting.

Today, I'm going to go hang out with rosemilk, who I haven't seen in a great while. I'm definitely looking forward to it. Seeing as how I didn't get too much sleep this last night, I think I'm going to lay down until I need to get ready to go.

So, as a recap, I have a new sister, a new dagger, and I get to hang out with rosemilk... sounds good to me.

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished
Current Music: "Wedding Waltz" -Kenneth Edward Keyn