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Agreements and Disagreements - Abadoss' Mind
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Wed, Jun. 29th, 2005 02:05 pm
Agreements and Disagreements

I'd mentioned briefly that I'd worked out a roommate agreement with Jeremy a couple days ago. Well, apparently, that's now gone to shit. This morning, I found a document right next to the agreement saying that the listed things were as far as Jeremy was willing to go on the agreement. Personally, I'm insulted that he didn't talk to me about those things, rather than just tack it up. Not only that, but at the bottom of the document was a threat to me, saying that if I didn't follow HIS list, I would have to find new housing within two weeks and be out be three. I seriously do not respond well to threats. If that was an attempt to motivate me, it sure as hell was the wrong way to do it.

I'm really hoping that this is a forged copy by his friends, but seeing as how he refused to talk about it with me this morning and, now that he's taken off, he left it on the wall. I'm assuming that it's not a fake, which greatly disturbs me. So, just as a recap, I'm insulted that he didn't talk to me about all this and I'm majorly insulted that he tried to threaten me with eviction.

What further bothers me is that if these things were so big of a problem, why the hell did he sign the agreement? He might as well shred the agreement because with that kind of attitude, it's useless anyway.

The moment he walks back into this apartment, I want to settle this issue. I'm not going to let him avoid this and I'm not going to let him start a war over this. I don't need this right now.

{edit} - Issue resolved...

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This is where Maria talks about life
Wed, Jun. 29th, 2005 09:48 pm (UTC)

Geez, that's terrible. I'm sorry things aren't working out. Can he even make you move out? I had a "problem roomate" my freshman year, and we never worked things out. Mainly because I am non-confrontational. That's awesome that you are willing to work at this. I'll be praying for you today!

the bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even
Wed, Jun. 29th, 2005 10:29 pm (UTC)

I'm not entirely aware of the details of your housing situation- but uh, does he even have the authority to say you have to leave if you don't meet his demands? I'm assuming this is some sort of college-related housing, right? Considering that you were the first to come to him with the initial agreement I think that the ball is in your court if you need to go to someone else to arbitrate. The tough thing about roommates is that most times there isn't any recourse, and trying to get someone to live by a set of rules rarely works out (as evident that even signing an "agreement" doesn't do much). One of the most tried and true methods of alleviating a bad-roommate situation is to have one of you move out, unfortunately. I don't know if that's even a possibility for you, but it might be considered an option if you have the means. He doesn't sound like a character who will be easy to come to an accord with.