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The Rings - Abadoss' Mind
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Mon, Jun. 20th, 2005 09:22 pm
The Rings

I got the hairbrained scheme to watch all three Lord of the Rings: Extended Editions all in a row today. So far, I'm somewhere on the first disk of Return of the King. I started a little after ten this morning. Technically speaking, I should be done with them by now, but I had to take some breaks. It's interesting to see them all in order. Definitely a lot smoother story-telling that way. However, this whole ordeal reminds me of another "ring"... Wagner's The Ring cycle.

The Ring is the most massive opera ever devised. It literally takes four days to complete. Only the most die-hard opera fans could ever sit through it, let alone sing in it. You want to know why Wagner's works always have the Brunhilde-, the iconic "fat lady", type singer in them? Because they're the only ones that can stay standing by the end of the opera. Wagner's work is some of the most grueling and athletic singing in the entire opera world. No mere mortal can sing his opreatic works. If I had a choice about singing Wagner, I'd choose to run away. It's that intense.

Anyway, the comparison is not about my preference, seeing as how I actually enjoy LotR, but just on the marathon aspect. Now speaking of yet another ring, I turn to my commitment. I've been thinking a lot about it - as is my custom, it seems. It seems that nowadays I'm finding the lines to become far more blurred than they've ever been before. I once said that I was leaning towards letting go. That was nearly a year ago. Here's my current problem; I'm finding more reason to keep it. My reasons for wanting to drop it are still as strong as before, but it seems that the balance of reason is tipping back to neutral ground. The farther from neutral, the more chance of resolution. The more balanced, the less chance of so. When both sides are equal, a little more than a whim can be the deciding factor - a thought that scares me. I'd hate to think that seven years of struggle might come down to so little left on which to make a decision.

But enough of rings, I need to finish up the movie and go to bed, so I won't be useless tomorrow.

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This is where Maria talks about life
Tue, Jun. 21st, 2005 10:42 pm (UTC)

I have watched LotR extended editions all in one day twice! Once on New Years, and once on February. As much as I love them...I think that is it for a time.
And in case I didn't emphasize how much I love LotR, you should swing by my place sometime. It is rather obvious. ;-)

Kenneth Edward Keyn
Wed, Jun. 22nd, 2005 12:12 am (UTC)

I can see the Aragorn cutout from the walkway. :P

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